Tell Me Love – History


History recently made their comeback after a successful run of promotions for their debut song, Dreamer. They released their latest song, Tell Me Love, took a turn for the more “typical” boy band feel, but with a twist. Seriously guys, if the band does the same song style over and over, they are going out much more quicker than you blowing out a candle. Many bands change their style once in a while to “stand out”. yes, History’s debut song did “stand out”, however what are the chances of you listening to a similar style song. You will just get get bored of it. So you people, who claim to love History because they were “unique”, your argument is really invalid. Big Bang, for example has done, ballads, pop songs, dance tracks, hip hop, rap etc. If Big Bang kept on releasing hip hop songs, they would never have been big as they are now today.

I liked the song. It was not as grand as Dreamer, however still sounds amazing. If you listen carefully, you can hear a mish mash of genres. There is a ballad feel to the song, a dance, hip hop , you name it. Combined together, it sounds pretty cool. I love all aspects of the song from the vocals to the soft feel in some parts to the hardcore feel and upbeat feel the chorus has. I honestly don’t see any other band doing a similar song to this. YEs, the band may enter the “no go zone” but it sounds really professional and well polished. The vocals and rapping (that fifth member has more than talking this time around) were pretty cool. I am going to be quite picky though. The title, sounds really weird. “Tell Me Love”. Yes you brain may put in the comma, but say it without the comma. I was typing out the title for this song and thought, yeah maybe I got it wrong. Turns out, it was right and my mind was playing tricks on me.

Yeah, I honestly have to say lose the first part where the guys are just talking freely to the camera. Great concept, not the brightest idea for this kind of song though. To a foreigner, and I watched the video prior to the subtitles coming out, you look like a total idiot with no voice coming out of your mouth. A recent trend I see in videos nowadays it that they have all these weird computer generated waves that make listen to music all that good, but seeing them while flashing really does not look as great as you would expect it. But despite that, I love the bright white set/background and the lights during the chorus. Bit hypocritical of myself, but it looked quite professional and fitted the song quite well. Honestly the music video was pretty good, minus the first minute or so.

Yeah, this band is not great at dancing. Better than me though, but it is the song that this group depends heavily on to get their song. Their dance moves are not catchy, but I guess they do the job quite well,

7/10. Pretty good, could’ve been better though. And shut up, unloyal fans, You don’t like something, then don’t watch. It is quite easy.

2 thoughts on “Tell Me Love – History

  1. I think history is pretty good at dancing. How many boy bands do the jump in might just die? They do it in some performances too.


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