Wild And Young – Kang Seung Yoon

Source: http://upload.enewsworld.net/News/Contents/20130731/30001176.jpg

Kang Seung Yoon was formerly a contestant on a Korean talent show, where from which he signed with YG Entertainment, the home of Big Bang, Se7en, 2NE1 and the world phenomenon, Psy. He made his debut on the July 31st on the stage as a solo artist. It must also be noted: he did release “It’s Rain” as a pre released single, and despite not promoting the song in anyway, achieve an all kill on the charts. He is also a singer that is awaiting to debut under a group name later in the future. He released this song, on his debut date, achieving what I think shall be called as “minimal success”.

Yes, as mentioned above, this song technically failed. I did not perform greatly on the charts as his pre released single. Honestly, he has a good voice, but the song does not suit him. Ballads is what he has in the bag, but giving him a One Direction feel song really ruined the idea of a mellow and deep voice, like his. I found the boring quite boring. It lacked emotion. His ballad was pretty amazing, and his second song (I was planning to review it, but decided to cut it out due to a last minute decision), Stealer, sounded ten times better than this. However, despite not liking the song and finding it boring, it had a pretty nice instrumental and a catchy part. “Cause I’m wild and young“. However, the instrumental really conflicted the voice he has. His voice is quite husky, and YG is not using it to its full potential. Overall, boring song, with some good points, but really boring for me.

As for the music video, am I the only person who thought he looked like a penguin for most of the video? Seriously, anything with a white belly, looks suspiciously like a penguin to me, regardless if there is a beak or not. Again, the music video was quite boring. There are just scenes of him rocking out with friends, and some of himself as a loner. Cause you all know, that you are “wild and young” when you are by your self. No, okay. Not I really thought the music video was low budget. YG, I don’t think you are doing it right. You are basically throwing away a good voice. And those microphone cords? Oh geeez, wireless is the new wires my friend. Have not seen a wired microphone in so long, which goes to show that is not “young”.  That filter as well, disappointed. Not gave that 80’s or 90’s feel to it, which looked OLD.

As for the live performance, it is just him singing with a band. Simple, but fits the feel of the song really well.

2.5/10. Boring basically sums up the review and song. Sorry, if I made you fall asleep.

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