Tonight – Spica


Spica recently made their comeback with a brand new digital single, Tonight. One of the best songs of the year so far, Spica has not been on stage for quite sometime. You know those groups who debut and then just disappear because they have not made it? Yeah, I thought that was what had happened to Spica. They have disappeared for near three quarters of a year, and I was quite disappointed. This is a really good vocal group that needs to win. I cannot stand to see them on 6th place and lower on other music charts. Seriously, this song is awesome and deserving to be higher on the charts.

The song is really well done. This group is known to have amazing vocals, but hey, this song showcases that and even more. I literally love every aspect of the song as it is amazing. From the instrumental to the rap to the vocals, I was literally blown away with this song. I thought Lonely and I’ll Be There were awesome but this song probably tops those. Also would probably add that this is the song of the summer. It has that refreshing and cool feel that makes you feel like you are at the beach.

As for the music video though, I was quite iffy about where my thoughts lie upon the line. I am not really quite impressed, but I feel that the song fits the video. But it also seems that this band is not getting the full funding that they should be. Coloured powder paint was so last year. Actually no, it was a few years ago. It has that feel that After School Red did for their music video, witht hat desert kind of theme to it, which I never actually liked. Honestly, a bit more expression on the girls faces would be better, as they look they have no expression, don’t care about life, or that “get me out of here” look which they share. And those girls, why are you dancing on the road? Don’t you know the dangers of cars and at night? Also, some season, they look quite drunk and really “out of it” if you know what I mean. I love the ending though, where they watch a sunrise, which is amazing. Fits the song perfectly.

I am IN LOVE with this stage performance. The dance to the costumes (actually, I will take it back) is amazing. The dance formations are totally cool and the dance just make me want to get up and dance. Woo! Awesome. The chorus was pretty cool and the dance is not that hard to follow. Trust me.

9/10. Mainly because of the music video.

Have fun….

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