Rocking – Teen Top


Teen Top is back with a new song that has topped charts instantly. Rocking is totally a “rocking” song that gets everyone up and moving. It has everything from the hip hop to the dub step beat we are wanting to hear. Honestly, this is the best Teen Top song I have heard ever and I think the band has improved greatly from Clap. Their last release of Miss Right came out earlier in the year in March, doing strongly on the charts, however this was the song that won them more awards. Considering they have a huge fan base and the level of competition they now have now that Kara and G Dragon are back, they are holding off pretty well.

The song is pretty great. I love the instrumental and feel that a different side of the band is coming out. Not that manly and masculine side that we are used to seeing, but a more mature and hardcore side of the band. I really like the vocals in this song and the raps fit in really well. In my point of view, best Teen Top song ever. Every time I listen to it, I am amazed with it. I think it is going to become a song that I am going to listen to forever and forever. Up there with Brown Eyed Girl’s Sixth Sense, Girls Day’s Expectation and Female President, Dasoni’s GoodBye etc. Amazing.

The sets for the music video were pretty cool. Not too bright or not too dark, which did fit the feel of the song. However with the random scenes of a room filled with hats really did not settle down with me well. Why a room full of hates. I kind of get the room of gold, but hats??? And I am pretty confused with the rest of the video where the guys are at the beach and having a punch on. But then it all made kind of sense why they had a punch on towards the end. Turns out that one member is jealous of another member for dating this girl. Ummm.. maybe some indication next time somewhere at the start?

As for the performance, yeah, the dance was pretty professional. It seems like the guys put their all in this song. Well, most. C.A.P mate, you need to not look like you are tired or really just lazy. I think I kind of found the new T.O.P expression. But overall, the dance was amazing. That b-boying (I think it is what it is called) dance was pretty cool.

9/10. Amazing song, pretty cool music video and amazing choreography.

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