Thriller – BTOB

BTOB is finally back with a new song and a much more mature and serious side. Their last comeback, Second Confession, was the aegyo, cutesy boy style. However this song, it seems the boys has taken the whole term of sexy and seduction to a whole new level. That was weird of me to say that. Not but seriously, which band comes out with a song and all of these teasers of abs that no girls have ever seen. I had to check that fact with one of my friends, and she confirms it. Hardly do BTOB fans get to see the guys abs or them shirtless. However, enough with eye candy, but do I find this song awesome and cool like it is said to be? Keep on reading below!!!!

The song is pretty good. However, if I was to compare it to he other songs that they released in the past, the song is still lacking. It sounds amazing, but does not have that flowing effect like 2nd Confession or Wow. This song sounds choppy and awkward in many parts. Truthfully, the band should go back to their Wow days where their songs were amazing and ranked high on the charts. Songs with this level of seriousness, to me, does not fit the band that well.The song itself mixes up rap and vocals, but to me, it sounds pretty messy. Moving along, the vocals and the raps on their own sounds pretty cool, but the raps did not sound as strong as in previous songs. The chorus is not technically the best, where the verses actually sound much better. It is a great song (digging the violin instrumental), but some parts were not as great.

The music video is pretty cool. As per usual, the music videos from Cube are not a let down. Adding to the “Thriller” feel, we get a dark feeling in the music video, which somewhat accompanies the song. Honestly, I feel the song is quite different to the music video altogether. In comparision between the two, I feel the song is too poppish for the video. You know? But I like the dark feeling that this video has, which leads to me second point. Those who agree that BTOB are copying VIXX because of the dark theme, you are clearly wrong. I actually remember a million bands before VIXX doing this type of music including Super Junior, MBLAQ, SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls etc. Just because one band is good at doing a style, it does not mean that others will copy them. It is like saying Girl’s Day, Orange Caramel, Secret and 4Minute are all copying SNSD because of Gee. Logical these is applicable. One thing that I am most concerned about: one green “thriller”. Not really that great, but it seems too ‘pop culture like” to be in the music video. We have a cemetery and then green thriller. We have a spider webs and skulls, turn around and you have the word thriller in slime font and green. Not the best addition to the music video.

Honestly, don’t get me started with the dance. I am really disappointed. The start seems awful and the hand position when they move about curing the chorus seems unoriginal. Really, you guys look like monkeys having trouble keeping your head up while moving.

5.5/10. Quite disappointed with this comeback. Go back to Wow or Second Confession. I don’t mind the aegyo phase of these boys anyway. Did you like the comeback? Comment below!

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