Damaged Lady – Kara

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After a year, girl group Kara is finally back with a brand new album ready to rock the stage. Damaged Girl was released on the 2nd of September and since have been proving to be a hit, even winning an award on a music show and possibly a few more in the future. It has been sometime since we last saw the girls in Korea and really, what a powerful song to comeback with. I think something suspicious is occurring. I am just happen to be googling around to find something to write here and came over this: their first album (which was their debut album) was called “The First Blooming”, since then, there have no “blooms” whatsoever, but a “Full Bloom” album (which is this one). Suspicious or not, I don’t know.

I love the rock and roll feel to the song that it has. I think I fell in love the song for those parts. The instrumental really does fit the vocals of the band, which is pretty cool. There are a few things that I am quite confused about and don’t actually like this song. The song is great and all, but why Buddha?  There are like lines in this that say, “I am not like Buddha” which are great in a way, as Buddha is like an icon for calmness and mediation, but as a Buddhist, I find this used wrongly. It does make sense, however, I expected different words to be used in the second part of the song, but we did not get any, which is quite disappointing. Another thing I dislike about the song was the rap. It just felt like the producer slotted a rap sequence in and made it sound good. And another part was that high note at the start and that “oww!” part. This is not Michael Jackson. This song is about love and rock and roll (in a way) but that high note just conflicts with the song. Overall, I liked the song a lot, just some areas need a bit of more work.

The music video is okay. Not the best music video, but not the worst. We see girls who are dating these guys, who turns out to be hitting on with other girls. Guys, try being a little more subtle with her cheating. I should be promoting cheating on your partner, but I think everyone (whether you are in a relationship or not) hitting on with another girl in front of your girlfriend is not that well played. Anyway, the girls have had enough, so they decide to show the guys who is the boss around here, thus changing into a more dominant and masculine clothing and showing the guys what they are really made out of. Great plot, but the music video is quite weak. A sign of breaking up from this music video is shoving buns and food into the guys mouth; using the fire extinguisher and turning on the water sprinkler system and dancing around in the water. What??? I am not even going to ask.

As for the dance, I thought it was pretty cool. It is about breaking up and I love the “throwing the ring that you gave me ” dance. It looked rather real. And that butt pocket dance part was cool as well. Just next time girls, actually have butt pockets. You complete the guy look with the butt pockets and the clothes you are wearing. Did I also mention how amazing they looked?

7.5/10. Pretty good, but could’ve have been enhanced a little bit more. But honestly,
If you have not yet listened to the song, you must, or you will be missing out. Check out the music video and performance in the playlist below.

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