Koi Oto to Amazora – AAA

Source: http://www.asianstyle.cz/upload/clanky/59f3e/slider_b365680a2182dd11a53710fed927cc7b.jpg

AAA is back with a new song. It has been some time since I last reviewed on of their songs, Party It Up being the last one. Since then, they have released their eighth album and another single called Love Is In The Air. Koi Oto to Amazora is their 38th single to date, which peaked on the charts at 3rd place. The band has been around for like 8 years now and still ranking very high, being one of the many successive bands in Japan at the moment. I know I have been lacking in my JPOP reviews recently and wanted to review other JPOP artists, like Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, but was quite unsure how to even start writing about them. Thankfully, Perfume recently just released a new single, so who knows, maybe a Perfume review is coming really soon.

The song is a different style that AAA has hardly attempted before. It is a ballad, but it sounds really amazing. Party It Up was a pop song that had me dancing, but this song, you can feel right down to the emotion of it. It is  basically like a 180 degree change for the band. Miss You, another previously released song, that was also a ballad has a more sadder feel to it, whereas this song carries a more happy feel that makes the song sound great. The word “Koi Oto to Amazora” I think translate to wishes to the skies or something like that. I just took that from an English translation website. The vocals sound amazing in this song, particularly the rapping, where it was incorporated really well into the song. Usually, I would say things about the rap being in the wrong place, but it seems they fitted the rap perfectly into the song, a rap that was not too powerful or too soft.

The music video fits the feel of the song. It is dark and mysterious, which emphasis the same emotions found in the song. Honestly, I think it is an awesome video and love the close up shots of the members. Pretty amazing. I am, however, not sure about them walking about the abandoned circus. Though it looks cool, the plot line for that is really confusing and came out of nowhere. Disappointed? No not really. I was actually surprised they decided to upload the full version of the music video. Probably made a mistake, because for some reason, the shot videos are released onto YouTube, not the actual full ones. I love the brown colour that was emphasised in the whole video making it look pretty cool and amazing.

It would only make sense for me to give it a 9.5/10 right? Not a 10/10 for the plot of the video, but still 9.5 is pretty high and I think it is the highest a JPOP song has ever gotten on my scale.

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