Can You Love Me? – 5Dolls ft. Dani (T-Ara N4)

5Dolls (the six-member group) recently made their comeback onto the stage after promotions of Soulmate #1, with their repackaged mini album, First Love. This song also marks the debut of Dani, the long awaited trainee that was meant to be a part of T-Ara, but a lot of stuff happened and the company don’t really know where to put her. Little more on that a little longer. But I think the company is starting to confuse the number 5 with 7. Okay, they got a little confuse with the name 5Dolls when there were 6 members, but now 7 people on stage? I think someone needs to go back to counting class.

The song is boring. It does not really appeal to me and I find this the worst song that I can possibly ever listen to. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating it a bit, but seriously, there was not one bit in this song that I would call “amazing”. Most of it was average and honestly, it does not appeal to many people around there. Maybe they were taking a step away from their previous disco phase, but this song is not the right way to go. Ballads are not really 5Doll’s piece of cake, let alone Coed School. And that song that they released after this one, that too was really awful. Another thing: this song is not promoting 5Dolls. No, it is promoting Dani and only Dani. Nothing is focused on the band, but Dani. For the love of KPOP, she is just “featuring” in the song but it seems like CCM are making this her breakthrough song. Oh, by the way, her rap was awful.

The music video is not any worse. But it was equally as boring. There is actually nothing to say about the video, so I am going to skip over that part. As for the live performance, the dance was rather weak but fitted the song. As for CCM promoting Dani than 5Dolls, yeah, evident with the eye-catching uniform that Dani wears. It is like Dani formed her own group and 5Dolls are the backup dancers. Come on. She could’ve at least walked onto the stage when it was her turn and then left.

1/10. Soz. Not good at all. I actually prefer Soulmate #1 then this song.

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