Memory – FT Island


FT Island has finally made their anticipated comeback after nearly a year with Memory. The song along with the mini album is celebrating their 6 year anniversary. 6 years??? That is quit a long time, and this is coming from a teenager which has spent approx. 12 years in school. One more for me. And hopefully plenty more years for the band. This is the type of song that I enjoy listening to from this band. Much better and amazing than their Spanish ballad stuff they have been releasing in the past few years.

As I said the song is much better than than I Wish or Severely or any of their ballads from the past. I loved the rock feel it has, which makes it so good. Seriously, to remember 6 years, this song would be the perfect song to do so. I am also quite happy that they gave more parts to Jaejin, I think that is his name. He did not get much in Severely and only a small section in I Wish, so this time around, giving him more parts as the rapper was pretty cool. I also love the keyboard/piano feel of the song and the softness of the voice at the start. But those parts where he is like “Love Is Painful” need that little autotune part in the background.  Beside that though, I am quite satisfied with this song. Nothing too much to complain about.

The music video is quite boring. Nothing exciting here. Just clips of them being them. Honestly, I would have expected something like screens of their past music videos to commemorate their past and some images of fans, but instead just them playing on stage and stuff like that,  So yeah, music video is a no no.

As for the performance, I think we only get to see them for a week or two. AOA is making their comeback on the 10th and the company did say that the girls will be making their comeback after FT Island promotes, so we only see FT island for a short amount of time. In terms of stage, I love Inkigayo and MCountdown’s stage. Really amazing and fitted the song. Different to the usual boring stages that we see.

And that takes us to the end of the review. Score? 8.5/10. Really great comeback. Let’s hope AOA can do equally as great or even better!

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