Hope Torture – Song Ji Eun (Secret)

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Song Ji Eun, today, made her official comeback as a solo artist, with Hope Torture. It has been two years since we have seen anything from the singer, beside her usual Secret promotions. Back then, she paired up with Bang Yong Guk for Going Crazy, which became a hit to fans of both artists. Since then however, she returned with her group through songs such as Starlight Moonlight, Love Is Move, Poison, Talk That and YooHoo, along with numerous Japan singles like Madonna (Jap Ver), Love Is Move (Jap Ver) and Twinkle Twinkle, just to name a few. It is so great that we finally get to hear a song from her and with the official album release and music video release today, making fans, along with me excited. Not to mention that she has already made her comeback on the weekly music shows, last week.

Okay, the song is rather slow. I listened to the live performance, the music video and the release, but I find way too slow for me. I find it too does not fit Song Ji Eun’s style. However, I still find the song attractive and great to listen to. Yeah, I maybe bias just a little, but hell, I find this song so great. Many songs are about falling in love or an emotional breakup, but not many songs focuses on that thin ice or that thread of string that many people hold onto. In this song however, it is referred to that last piece of hope that is thrown away by one, but their partner holds onto it, facing the torture of love. Really poetic. I love the little English phrases scattered throughout the song, it adds that extra RnB touch to it. Also, her little al-lib at the end was pretty cool, on top of that the pretty epic sounding instrumental. As I said, I dig violins. I should learn how to play one, shouldn’t I?

Wow, the music video is really artistic. They portrayed in her in a way, where she looks beautiful in the video, but when she looks sad, we feel the emotion too. To me, the ending is such a show stopper. They use a light background, but then fade into a depressing and sad tone. That scene where that cake was destroyed (what a waste of cake) really showed the build up in the emotion, which actually links in the music video, where at one part she remembers her lover, but the very next moment, she hates him again. The dead spiral of leaves and branches, along with the burning guitar and sunflower added more to the scene that really gives that extra umph to to which makes it pretty cool. I am not sure about the hole in the hand part and the nail. Are they trying link something to Jesus, cause I don’t really understand much. Torture yeah, but that would raise a lot of controversies would it not?

As for the performance, she sounds amazing live. Great for all. Not sure about the dancers, because despite being a slow song and the dancers are dancing with very slow movements, this song really does not need the use of dancers. Oh and the dresses she wears are pretty beautiful. Not from my experience, but the point of views of others.

8.5/10. Pretty amazing. Maybe a little fine tuning in some parts, but seriously overall, I think she is going to do really well. That or I blame the slaughter of comebacks and debuts all schedule for tomorrow and beyond. Sorry, I was rather busy with my homework yesterday, so i could not upload Leessang’s review, but I will try to get it done tonight.

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