Very Good – Block B


Block B has finally returned after a little trouble with their previous company, Stardom Entertainment. But now, the boys are back with a brand new mini album, ready to rock the stage with their latest song: Very Good. I really like the direction that the band is going in and for those who really do think that they are copying Big Bang and G Dragon now… Ummm… What??? I have watched this video a lot of time, and even though is is quirky and random, it does not necessarily suggest that is “trademark” by Big Bang or YG Ent. The only thing that I got from this video that is similar is Zico’s hair, which looks like Taeyang’s famous Sushi roll hair (on the other hand, Taeyang’s hair at the moment looks oddly familiar aka. most females in Korea).

This is an amazing song for a comeback. It seems like the band is going for a brand new image. They used to do songs that were not that serious, but this time around, I think the band has gone for a more hardcore look. A ballad by the band? Be With You, the pre released single. A hardcore pop, hip hop song? Very Good, their title track. I have not listened to the rest of their album yet, but I assume it is to the high standard that both songs mentioned. I love the chorus, simple, yet really addictive. The only part that I am kind of not happy about is Taeli’s (I think that is his name) rap. It did not really fit the song. Not really the best rap in the song. Also that small part Zico has was not that great as well. Probably the only let down of the song. I did love P.O’s rap. Downright hardcore and changed the song up a bit, giving it more of an addictive side to the song. Let’s just say: “I’m Very Very Good” when I listen to this song.

The music video is down right weird. We see the band trying to break into a bank. To steal what? Nothing exactly, cause they don’t really leave with any money. They find money, not as much as I thought that would be in a bank, cause they only party with one trolley worth of money, and I think banks have like much more than one trolley. But let’s focus on something else: How to rob a bank according to Block B. Okay. Firstly, you must wearing an intimidating mask to “mask” you identity. Check. Then after entering the the bank and making sure the cameras are watching you, take off your mask. The proceed to dance. That is what I saw in the video. Can’t really disagree with me. Oh, also, I think the purpose of going through someone’s bag is to steal something valuable like their phone or wallet or purse. But P.O, you took a girl’s lipstick and did you face with it. Well at least that is much better  than what Jaehyo did, he flirted. Did not get anywhere near the bag. Last thing before we move on: that scene where they partied, P.O started to play with Zico’s shoe. Yeah, I don’t you are doing it right.

In fact, I don’t think the band is doing anything right. I think the band should stop stealing things. They failed in Nillili Mambo and now here. Zico, you should lead your team more careful next time.

The dance is amazing. Down right simple and quite easy. Nothing to complain. Well maybe, I should lodge a complaint with the KPOP hotline about Zico’s hair. Not the ideal hairstyle mate.

9/10. I feel like I am on a nice strike. Really great song and music video.

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