Red Shoes – IU


IU has finally made her comeback to the stage after what seems to be a really rough year for her. Scandal after scandal has literally shoved her out of her spotlight, making her one of the most hated (by ELFS) person in the world. This is her first comeback to Korea after countless number of promotional runs in Japan and also her first Korean comeback since the Spring of a Twenty Year Old, last year. It is also her first comeback onto the stage since You & I. I must comment now, but who freaking amazing is IU and like every song she has put out? This song, and the rest of the album is freaking amazing. I tweeted a lot about it, since its release.

She also now has a perfect all kill, taking out Busker Busker, who had an all kill and all of the other artists on the charts at the moment! You know what, in celebration of that, we should all take our shirts off. You know, as a gesture towards IU. 

The song is freaking amazing. I am surprised and amazed about the quality of this song. It definitely tops You & I and Good Day, which were all really good songs as well. If you have not noticed from her many teasers, she has gone for a more mature image this time around, rather that “Little Nation’s Sister” image that she got taken away from her. The jazz feel that this song has is really cool. I find that IU’s voice fits this style really well, (Likewise, the whole album is to the same standard). The lyrics itself tells us a story of a girl who wants to find a guy she met during the summer, but does not know who he is. I really love the English bits in the chorus and also the “Ooma loompa doom dubi duba doom“and “Again Again” part. I found that rather cute.

The music video, at first I thought it would be a “Wizard of Oz” theme to it because those red shoes look exactly like the ones that Dorothy wears. Instead we get a totally different plot. We see a girl, IU, enjoying her Summer with a group of guys (surprised not one of them does not have their shirt off). She however falls in love with the servant, and after that tries to find him. But it seems Mr. Shoe is willing to help her by rushing her to the servant or trying to chase her down, because she is his one true love. But then there is that scene where she gets the shoe, which now confuses me. I found that little “credit scene” in the video, quite cute. I found the teasers quite cute. However, I did overcome with the thought that the guys were gay. They seemed that way. Despite that, I love the black and white feel of the video, giving that authentic 1930’s look.  I also love the scene where she dances, both solo and as the performance. Grand scale for such a lovely girl.

The dance is pretty cool. Have not looked at in detail, but boy do the ending of the performances seem awesome or not? That little disappearance act sets the bar high for future performances from other bands, groups and soloists.

9.5/10. Really amazing. To all of her fans out there that I may have offended, I am sorry. I only put them in there as a joke. But seriously, really good song. IU daebak!

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