I Don’t Know – FIESTAR

FIESTAR is finally back after a years absent from the stage, with “I Don’t Know”. Yes, they have been unseen from the stage, since promotions of We Don’t Stop, but that did not mean we did not hear anything from the girls. The only singles that I have heard from the girls were “Whoo!~”, which was released around June July time period if I was not mistaken. “Whoo!” was amazing and so is this song. Sadly, I did not get to review the song, which is a pity, because I loved the Latin feel to it. Another thing, I must address, but I believe that the music shows are quite bias towards towards the bands that are already well known and have won awards. The rookie groups and lesser known groups tend to get cut, like Fiestar, cut during their comeback performance. They should focus on the rookie groups, and give them a chance. But enough that, onto the review.

Yes, the song had sampled the “Little Indians” nursery rhyme. As a KPOP fan, that is quite original. The song overall was quite good, and I loved it, as it soared to the top of the most played songs on my phone. I have been dying to hear a Fiestar song, and their last song, We Don’t Stop was amazing. The instrument, the vocals and raps were astounding. I don’t think I ever doubted the amazing ability of what the song had to offer. Despite me enjoying the song, the lyrics are actually a more different story. I have to agree with the many other people around the world. The ambiguous lyrics really does not improve the song  as much as its proposed effect would have. Instead, it was rather confusing and weird to listen to the song without the context of a guy perving on a girl, and then with the same context.  But, besides that there are no bad points about the song. I particularly loved the breakdown of the song when it came to the rap. Did it fit the song, that was a whole different question?

The music video complimented the “dirty” side of the lyrics. We have this guy who invited a girl over and starts to perve on her. Now, I don’t know, but that guy is really bad at doing that subtly. Not saying from experience, but wouldn’t drooling be rather obvious? Like the guy is turning his head in slo-mo and then starts licking his lips? No? That or my other theory is, the girl is a socially awkward penguin and does not know the true ethics of outside life. I am saying that “socially awkward penguin” part  from experience. She then notices when he tries to kiss her and slap the daylights out of him. Well, more like shoved and bashed him. I think he enjoyed that part, though. Beside that hilarious video (you should watch it. It probably make you go WTF? or HAHAHAHAHA…), the scenes where they dance, kind of crashes the video. Like, there really is not anything visually appealing in those scenes, and they really do ruin the mood of the video, particularly after the funny bits.

The dance is awesome. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed such a dance. It took me a while to understand the “One little, two little Indian” part, but when I did, I loved it and every time I hear the song, I always do the dance. I guess the dance was quite ambiguous as well. Some parts were cute, but then other parts were “sexy”. Note I put that in quotation marks, mainly because I feel like “serious” is a more descriptive word for their dance.

8/10. Enjoyed all aspects of the comeback from the song, music video and dance.


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