Hush – Miss A

I was totally impressed with the song. Not the first time listening to it though. I was quite disappointed with the song as a whole, the first time hearing it. But it grew on me a lot, to the put where I play it everytime I plug in my headphones. I do have a complaint to make though. The song took freaking forever to get to the climax. And even the climax did not sound like a climax, but rather quite random and sudden. The song was too slow for quite some time and then when we got to the really good bits, the song slowed down, like a car breaking suddenly. Then the car accelerated suddenly. Though it does not sound good the way I describe it, I freaking love this song. The chorus is freaking catchy. I also love how it was not one person of the group who dominated the song, but rather the lines were shared out by the members. This song also goes to show that a rap is not needed. Little did you know, but there is no rap in the song, just purely vocals. Freaking awesome.

The music video was dark and mysterious. Not really what I would have thought about when it came to sexiness and all of that. It is set in very different sets. You have a room with a leaking problem (please get that fixed), a shower that does not work (please get that fixed), a dodgy looking train carriage (please get that upgraded, train network) and a recently robbed supermarket store (please employ new security). I love it how they made use of each set and did solo shots for one of the members in each scene and then let the members dance in all 4 sets. Quite original, I believe. Not sure about the mannequins in the store though. Are they meant to be there, wearing those clothes. From what I see, the store only sells food. Like, a lot of food. I love it how when it came to the climax, the editor paired it up to Suzy biting her lollipop. Pretty cool, must I say. I love the extreme closeup of the members at the end, it gave a different feel to it. Even though I thought of the music video in a weird way, those final moments reminded me about the creepiness of the video. It’s smart and did actually fit the song, but creepiness does not sexiness, in my point of view.

The dance is pretty cool. Not as catchy as Goodbye Baby or Bad Girl Good Girl. But it does fits the song really well. They had slow smooth dance moves during the start when the music was slow and had fast dance moves when the music was powerful and fast. Pretty cool. I loved the use of the “pole” and the curtains, it gives the whole dance and performance more of a powerful and dominated feel.

8.5/10. I was going to give it a 9, but the song held it down a little. I would have loved to give it a 9, but honestly that extra 0.5 was not worth it. But still, it is a really good comeback and hope to see these girls accept some more awards.

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