Ringa Linga – Taeyang (Big Bang)


Taeyang is finally back with a new solo song since his last promotions of I’ll Be There. Since then, fans have been asking for a comeback of the solo artist. From memory, I think this solo “album” was meant to be released ages ago, like start of last year. However, it was delayed for quite some time. Like, a very long time. Note that I put album in quotation marks, because we were told we were going to get an album, instead we got a single. Not good enough. It also seems that Big Bang is all about solos this year. Daesung, Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang and now T.O.P all have released a solo project this year and from what we were all told, a new single of the band as one will be release quite soon. Don’t know when though.

The song is okay. Overall, it was okay to listen to. I have to say, I was expecting something along the lines of “I Want A Girl” or “Only Look At Me”, but instead we got more a hip hop swag battle in this song. The start to me sounds like what you hear when you see the sunrise, which is kind of ironic, since Taeyang means the sun in Korea. But then the chorus, to me was just awful. It had its fame, but in just did not sit well with me. I am not sure if it is Taeyang or if it the lyrics or the instrumental, but it did not go well. Also, congratulations to Taeyang, for learning how to spell your name. Seriously, this song sounds like it was copy and pasted a million times. I did however like the slow ballad parts of the song, which was something that I enjoyed. It matched Taeyang’s voice really well. The ending just had to be the chorus didn’t? Anyway, it was okay to listen to, but as a whole it was quite disappointing.

The music video. Oh geezz…. I guess it is too hot for Taeyang to leave his shirt on. Again. I am not sure about the “art” on his body though. Those big thick black lines on his arms. They look like black duct tape stuck on him. I actually don’t mind the video. Though, yes the sets seem cheap, it fits Taeyang’s image and complimented the song. Not sure about the dreadlocks though. Never am a fan of those, and sadly Taeyang looks kind of awkward in it. Mohawk, I guess is the best. I love the glow in the dark shirts. That looks awesome and really fitted with YG’s fresh style. The ending scene was kind of weird. It seemed like the spinning top thing was distracting. Also, the amount of foreigners in this song was kind of weird. It was great, but it seemed like they brought a whole different image into the music video, which kind of sucked it a bit. But hey, I like the music video, so I won’t be complaining as much.

The dance is still pretty cool. Taeyang will always live up to his standard as the one of the best dancers in KPOP and it seems like he showed the exact same standard in this song. Not disappointed here. Linked in the playlist below is the dance version, which was released first, and it was an amazing video to watch. Dare I say, much better than the music video though.

5/10. Okay comeback, did not live up to its hype for me. Maybe, this year is just not YG’s year.

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