One Way Love – Sistar (Hyorin)


Everyone knows about Sistar nowadays. And I think everyone knows Hyorin, the main vocalist of the group. She recently made her solo debut on the stage with One Way Love. She is the first member of the band to officially branch out into a solo career. I say officially, because both Soyu and Hyorin has had solo singing activities in the past. Anyway, this review will be very depressing mainly cause I have to talk about how misleading something is. She has achieved an amazing feat with winning awards this week, a week after her debut, showing the industry how powerful she and her group is and the love fans have for her.

This song is quite disappointing. I have to admit it. The teaser showcased a rock song for goodness sake, but instead we get this extra slow song which sounds like nothing compared to the teaser. Do you know how freaking disappointed I am with this??? Hyorin’s voice fits rock really well, not some crappy slow song. Everyone was expecting some kind of party song that would have showcased her vocals and dance skills. Though this comeback does showcase her dance skills, but her vocals are quite lacking. It seems like the producer thought “Oh well, let’s give her a high note at the end to make it sound like she is the main vocal.” No. Lonely was just as bad, maybe worse. But some good points. The chorus is downright catchy. I have it stuck in my head. Did not stay around my head for long, but it did get stuck there. Also, her rapping in this song is pretty cool. It added a great touch to the song, and it allowed the song to focus on her only, not some other rapper. I would not have minded Bora in this song, but I guess that song would be leaning towards Sistar19.

Writing this review basically means that I am watching the video for the first time. So here are my thoughts. The set where she dances with the back dancers look really cool.  She looks stunning, but I am not too sure about the tattoo on her stomach. I guess we see a couple with love and hate. Where Hyorin probably loves him, but he does not love her back, hence the name: One Way Love.  When she is rapping in the music video, she was smiling. I honestly think this song is made for smiling. Those scenes where she is giving him the death stare suits the song and video much more. I guess in the end they make up (and probably make out). I have two more complaints. Why she is she pouring champagne into a bathtub in the middle of the room?BATHTUB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM? Geeezzz… I wonder where I saw that before. And also, that scene with her and the blue background. She looks funny there, not the best solo shot of her. Death stares FTW!!!

I find this dance really cool. She makes the dance look so easy, as if no effort is required. However, when we probably do that continuously then we probably die. She said it was like a thigh workout or something and I can see what she means. It is pretty amazing. To those who think it is a little too much? Yeah, right! If this dance gets band, then every other dance by a girl group will be banned for implied thoughts. But seriously amazing dance.

6.5/10. Disappointed with the comeback, but it still kind of works out in the end. I have to say, her interview on Thursday with that one fan who screamed out every time she spoke made her crack up before she finished her sentence. It was pretty funny.

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