Missing You – 2NE1

2NE1 is back with their long awaited comeback single. It seems like 2013 is not 2NE1’s year. In fact, YG’s year at all. After what many deemed as mega flops, the band is finally comeback with yet another song going in a totally different direction. They made their comeback through the MAMA earlier this month and since made their comeback onto the stage on the weekly music shows, also winning awards for this song, much mroe than what they have won altogether in the year.

I love this song. 2NE1 always have these cool, hardcore pop songs that want to get you up and dance. Never do we get a song that shows off the vocal ability of each member. This song however does just that. This ballad sounds so amazing and the emotion (in the voices, not in the presentation of the members). I particularly love the chorus and the “Geuriwohaeyo” part is really catchy. This song by far is the best song released by 2NE1 this year. The only complaint with this song is it is quite sad. Too sad in fact for me. And I was not really sure with the sudden change in the instrumental after the first chorus. They made the ballad into a poppy song which did ruin the sadness of the song. But I felt that the song needed more of something to make it less sad. I don’t know why i am complaining anyway. Both would cancel each other out anyway.

The music video is quite interesting. I like it. Not the best music video out there, but it really carries the emotion that the song has. The lighting of the music video fits really well. Also feel that when the members just are sitting around doing nothing fits the video and feel of the song quite well. Not sure about CL lying on that big XXI. I also did enjoy the dancer. he made a pretty good contribution to the video, giving it that more interesting zest to it. CL’s body is amazing. Not perving on her or anything…. Major complaint here, but Park Bom’s face. Nothing wrong with the face, but it looks droopy. All I see is her mouth moving. Beside that, the face just looks like blank. While the other members are sad and miserable, Bom is just … No wonder she is not an actor.

The performance is just them standing around singing and no dancing. Fits the song perfectly. At least they did not put in a dance that would’ve ruined the whole song.

8.5/10. Pretty good comeback. Better than Do You Love Me?, Baddest Female and Falling In Love by miles.

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