Glue – Nine Muses


Nine Muses are finally back with a song. It was literally weeks ago since they finished promotions for Guns, that now they are back with another G letter titled song. This means this is the fourth song that the band had promoted this year. The other songs include: Dolls, Wild, Guns and now this. And look at how this band has grown. I think now some groups have realized that to be successful, you have to work your assess off and make a comeback more than twice a year to be able to compete. Numerous bands who only made one comeback this year are have been unsuccessful at maintain constant awards, giving us the fact that KPOP has reached its climax. But regardless, Nine Muses is growing and so is the number of fans they have. 

I freaking love this song. When I saw and heard the teaser, I thought that the song would be another repeat of Guns. Boy was I wrong. I loved it as soon as I heard it. There is nothing wrong with the song. The rapping and vocals are doing really well. It seems like in little time, these girls will be challenging the other group group with 9 members. It has that disco feel to it from the early times (sorry, I forgot the era), which I am not fond of, but the girls seem to have pulled it off fine. The chorus is really catchy and that autotuned voice that says “I don’t know what to do” is really addictive. I also really like those claps throughout the whole song. They give the song more of an addictive style for me.

Okay, the music video could’ve have been much more epic than this. Maybe it was the small time frame they had to prepare for it? But those red skin tight suits have to go. Not a fashionista, but they don’t really make the girls look good. Now, I am not saying the skin tight suits, but actually the colour red. That or the lighting in this music video has to go. It makes those suits into more of a horrible orange colour which does not complement the girls. And those “wonderful” colour effects they had in the video. Lose them. They were such a distraction to watch, and I believe if it was just the girls dancing, the music video would’ve been fine. But it was not, and sadly they annoyed me. It was basically like After School’s First Love all over again.

The dance is really addictive. Another but swaying dance to go onto the list of dances the year. Seems like the butt is going to be famous after this year. But seriously, after watching the dance and listening to the song, all I can think of is the dance. I can imagine the girls dancing to each part just from hearing the guys. Now that is something that all artists should do. Not too complicated. I also liked how they incorporated most of the claps into the dance. Pretty cool.

9/10. Much better than Guns and this song is fast becoming one of the best Nine Muses songs ever in my mind. Now that being said, what was your most favourite Nine Muses song of the year? Dolls? Guns? Wild? Glue? Choose in the poll below!!!


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