I Do I Do – Secret

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Secret is back with a new Christmas single this time around. After finishing promotions for YooHoo as a group, filming dramas and Song Ji Eun’s recent promotions with Hope Torture, the group is set to grace the stage with a comeback full of cuteness and adorableness. I think this is the first year where there are loads of comeback on the topic of Christmas. Last year, there were a few songs on the celebration, but they tend to be more company collaboration within the company. Those songs still exists, but more and more bands are coming out with Christmas themed songs, which are pretty amazing. But still shocking to know that the year is about to end. :(.

This song is pretty good. I really am disappointed that Secret has gone for something Christmas themed. Seems quite desperate for a comeback. But I feel the song fits them quite well. I actually prefer them in their sexy form, but this song still rocks. This songs looks like it was thrown together in 5 minutes, which sounds like their company and producer did not take this seriously.  It was catchy, but it was not memorable. This probably has to be their weakest song ever. But regardless, I felt that their vocals are improving. Hana (the rapper) actually has a pretty good voice and sounds pretty cool. The only part of the song which I really enjoyed is Song Ji Eun’s bridge, because it gave the song that extra lift. Not so great this time around girls.

The music video again is quite ..  boring. There is nothing to talk about, except for the trending one shot videos. This song has a “somewhat clear plot” where this guy gets invited to this party. Interesting. Not really. Sorry, I was completely bored of this video. The lighting was so bright, which kind of ruined the video. Though some parts were cute (i.e. walking letter box and walking rubbish bin), this music video looked like something that was shot in 5 minutes and planned in approx 10 minutes. The music video did not show off the girls style, but instead confined the girls. Look at YooHoo, not much of a great video, but compared to this, much better by 10000.

The dance is quite cute, but not really that great. It really is not catchy, but shows off the simplicity of the girls. Though I think more could have been done, the dance fits the song quite well and suits the song.

5/10. Secret is one of my favourite groups in the industry, but seriously this comeback is lacking in so many ways.

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