Flower – Junhyung (Beast)

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Junhyung is the next member of Beast to go solo. After a year since Yoseob debuted as a solo singer, Cube Entertainment unleashed their next big surprise. Shadow was pretty cool. But to me, this debut song was not exactly the best song out there.  I have to give props to Junhyung for attempting and doing really well for a pretty edgy theme. Anyway, this is not my final review for the year, but sadly is the last major review of the year. Though I know other artists are coming back, I have to have a cut off date for the charts. I will only be doing another 2-3 reviews for more recent songs and on top of that, I will be going back to review songs that I have missed, but really wanted to review. And also past songs from previous years.

Wow, this song is rather interesting. It is rather weak for a solo debut song. There was nothing to grab me in this song, to make me go back to it more and more. At first, I thought this comeback would be that weird, as the rapper (probably who I view as the strongest and manilest member of any band) is doing a song called “Flower”. But, boy was I wrong. It had a similar feeling to Caffeine, which I believe Junhyung wrote for Yoseob. It had that chic but modern feel to it that made the song unique. It also had its RnB sounds in it as well. Maybe when he was writing the song, he did go overboard with the ratio of English lyrics compared to Korean words. But if you read the many English translations, they actually fit into the song. He likens the girl to a flower, and in the lyrics he mention the sweetness of chocolate and a lollipop, saying that the girl is a flower that is equally sweet as the candy. Pretty cool. Though, I like the chorus, I don’t think the high pitch parts in it are suited for him. I guess he maybe pushing himself a little too hard. But overall the song was pretty cool. Not as cool and badass as I expected, but still pretty cool.

As for the music video. I hope that was a fake or dead butterfly. I hope the person who decided to put a scene of it burning was in a sound mind and did not torture the little blue butterfly. Anyway, I thought the music video was pretty cool. Not sure about Junhyung dead in a fridge parts though, but I guess that is what made the whole comeback seem edgy to me. I really want to know how they filmed Junhyung’s head only, but I probably think they just put him in a box and made a hole so he can stick his face out. Not really fond of the whole mirror camera thing. It did give the music video more a heightened scary theme, but really they used it too many times already. At least someone was smart enough to put flowers in this music video, cause the music video would be a pile of dung without the flowers. Overall I was quite happy with the outcome of the music video, just that one dance scene where he has things dangling down his hat. Please, you’re not Australia. Don’t wear that.

The dance is pretty cool. Something I would’ve expected from a Beast member, or their backup dancers. I actually enjoyed the dance. Everytime they hit the chorus, the members became flowers, i think, by standing on their heads and bending into awkward positions. Now, that I made things awkward….

7/10. Not as great as I would have expected. But still works. How did you guys like the debut? Successful or just another one of those comebacks?

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