Friday – IU ft. Jang Yi Jeong (History)


Welcome to 2014! Did you all have a Happy New Year? I did! Hahaha… This is my first review of the year. Sadly school is restarting in a month, so I have to start doing my holiday homework, so it is going to be an awkward struggle. But don’t worry. I doubt nothing will effect the rapid speed of my reviews. They won’t be rapid once I start school though, but anything that changes will be notified to you guys, so don’t worry. Anyway, IU recently released her repackaged album, on December the 19th. The new album featured 2 new tracks and also includes the tracks from her album, Modern Times. Though no formal promotions were taken (I believe so far), she still managed to achieve a perfect all kill on the charts and remain on the charts as one of the top singers of the year!

I have to say, this song is pretty good. However it does not have me coming back to it more. I like the song more than Red Shoes, but I have to be honest, but it seems to be lost and forgotten quite easily. I have the simple feel of the song which sounds pretty good and awesome. I have to say, both voices in this song, compliment each other. Both have this husky voice which I really dig. The lyrics are quite simple, and I am thanking IU for not singing the song of the same title released 2-3 years ago. You know what i am talking about! Anyway, the lyrics too are quite simple. It is great for a song like this to come out, which allows us, as the audience, to step back from the heavy dance tracks and relax through a song that calms ourselves down!

The music video is quite interesting. I don’t get the whole new trend of one shot videos. EXO did it well, but everyone else is jumping onto the bandwagon now. Sad. However, I really enjoyed the music video. It was pretty nice and like the song too, was relaxing. Though I am unclear about Yi Jeong though. What roles does he play? The best friend who acts like a big brother? or a guardian angel? Or her make believe friend, who she ignores when she talks about love? So many roles in which he can play that has a logical explanation. The music video is quite cute, but the last scene, where she gets dragged into a dark alley. Umm… I just hope I am looking into the video a little too much there! But beside that, really cool music video.

10/10. What a way to start off the year!!! Let’s hope 2014 will bring more amazing songs like this to our ears and minds!!!

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