Red Candle – Son Dam Bi


Son Dam Bi recently returned, without promotions, of a new single. After a years disappearance after releasing and promoting Dripping Tears, the soloist returned with Red Candle. Dripping Tears was an amazing song, and it seems like Son Dam Bi is returning with songs of the equivalent nature. But my question is, why has she not promoted this song? Cause this is an amazing song! Unless, there is something on the way for this solo singer?

The song has this rumba of salsa feel to it, which makes it so addictive. I don’t know why, but I have been falling for these songs for a very long time and it seems like it won’t change. Anyway, the song has a pretty addictive chorus. One that does not get me singing all the time but one that makes me go back for more. The song talks how this girl yearns for her lover and evidently from the title of the song, explains love in terms of a candle. Which is pretty poetic coming from KPOP i have to admit. I one only major complaint I have is that Son Dam Bi repeats the song title over and over again for the song. Like 15 times in the song, in English. Hmmm… Got a bit repetitive. But beside that, her voice really fit the song. It also pretty good.

The music video is pretty cool as well. I like how the music video takes a whole new spin on the lyrics and explains love in terms of the hardship of a celebrity. While they have to happy and smiling all the time in front of the camera, we really do not know what is happening behind the scenes in the celebrities lives. Hence why saesang fans are looked down upon and us, fans, place outrageous amount of pressure for them to perform. And yes, I said all of us. Its dark in many of the scenes where Son Dam Bi is alone, which kind of signifies the mood. When she is out and about, there are flashing lights and a little more colour to the picture to highlight the “happiness” in the shot, but that all sudden changes including the facial expressions of her, when she is alone. No flashing lights and no smiles. I think this video was really thought out and carefully planned, even though the comeback was quite sudden.

8.5/10. Quite happy with the release, but disappointed that she is not promoting the song, or that we have not heard any new plans for an upcoming mini album or album. (I realized that I forgot to mention this, but SHINee’s Jonghyun is pretty amazing songwriter!)

One thought on “Red Candle – Son Dam Bi

  1. I love how minimalist and muted the video is during her lonely scenes. It really lets her vocals and the message shine. Great review!


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