Something – TVXQ


TVXQ is finally back after a years absence from the stage and have “Something” to tell you fans. Hahahahaha… My lame jokes. It has been a while since we last saw this duo on the stage, and they recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary as a group. I never got around to reviewing Catch Me or Humanoids, even though the second song has been a favourite of mine, I was quite excited to finally sit down and review this song. And, like always, TVXQ never do well in my mind. Sorry. On top of that, I am still unsure if they have an effect on Korea anymore, especially since their last comeback scored them 0 awards but I guess we have to wait and see.

Okay, I admit that I was waiting for this band to make their comeback. Their teaser was amazing. I dig the teaser more than the actual song. It seems like the song was a total letdown for me. Not only am I disappointed with the song, I have to say that Catch Me was a totally better song than this. Though it was catchy, TVXQ is known for their dancing and singing ability, however, I think the song steps a little down from the singing ability side. I liked the start where they are like “She Got The Something!”, which really does not make sense, but hey, who cares! As soon as I heard the 1 verse, I was quite disappointed. The song has the epic feel throughout though which make it sound good, and the chorus was really good as well, but it was not as appealing as the teaser portrayed it. I can tell when Changmin is singing, but really cannot tell when Yunho is singing, because his voice sounds different. The climax of the song was not as I expected, it slowed and literally made the song more quiet than what it is. An okay song though.

The music video is like any other SM entertainment music video. You know the horrible sets and whatnot. But I found the set of this music video pretty cool. Las Vegas’s cousin, just inside a building. There are so many light-bulbs in this music video, but it makes the video look good and the set more appealing. The classiness of the video fits the feel of the song. Not sure about the girls though, they make the whole video really awkward. Not sure about the end though. Maybe the boys dreams were to become statues or something? No? Yeah… I don’t know as well. Also, the dance break scene was quite disappointing. But beside the sets that they are in when they dance is pretty amazing. Oh Changmin, lose the shorts and both of you, lose the tattoos. What are they even for? They look hideous!

The dance never fails to impress. TVXQ has always had amazing dances and I think this just adds to the list. Using on object that is very hard to control to their advantage. The rope would have been hard to use but yet they pulled the dance off flawlessly. I have to say as well, the ending was amazing, where they are leaning over the ropes and stuff. Pretty cool, I have to say. But not as epic as Catch Me dance. But oh well, we will live.

6.5/10. Despite being full of praise for the video and dance, the song was a major let down.

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