Fall In Love – UKISS

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UKISS has been quite active overseas in Japan. They recently released a new single in Japan, titled as Fall In Love. It has been a while since I last reviewed a Japanese song from UKISS, the last one being Alone, early last year. This song is much more different from any of their previous songs released in Japan or Korea, where they have opted out for a much slower song. But it must be noted, that the song is not as slow as a ballad. Beside that, I think it is time to end the intro and go on with the review.

The song is pretty upbeat song in my point of view. But nothing about the song is upbeat except for the instrumental. The lyrics of the song speak about falling in love at first sight, but every time I read the lyrics I get a feeling that the song is not as positive. The way the guys sing the song seems like they want the girl back and the whole song is about unrequited love. Though, this time around, the boys have gone for a more vocally sounded song. The whole song has this powerful vocals in it and the raps seem to fit into the feel of the song. The rap is not the big deal this time around, which I am glad because their previous songs tend to focus more on the rapping rather than the lyrics, while this time around the raps bit only take up around 25% of the song. Honestly, I am satisfied with this song. It probably be on the best Japanese songs of the year, too bad I did not see it before making those awards thing.

The music video okay. Japanese music videos have these really cool sets and all, but the music video itself is not as great. Walking around an abandoned warehouse is not what I would think would be great for reflecting on your love. Rather, I see the guys as a coward in expressing the feelings. Also, the place looks rather rundown and creepy. Wait a minute, wasn’t Neverland, Tick Tack, Alone, Standing Still, Believe, Inside Of Me all shot in an abandoned place???? OMG, I should cut down on my KPOP knowledge and save some room for my Chemistry information. It seems like the company who manages UKISS in Japan really does not care much about the quality for the music video there. But I am not one to say that much. And did that bubble represent the girl that they love? Cause if it isn’t the bubble was kind of random.

There is dance to this song. But from first listening to the song, there was not going to be a dance. But I was pretty surprised. The dance is not as powerful in this song, if you imagine a dance similar to Tick Tack in a song like this and still thinks it works, well….

7.5/10. A good release, but not as great as I expected it though. But it still works. I heard that they are going on a World Tour currently. Can’t wait to see what these guys have in stored next in both Japan and Korea. Maybe an award this year?

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