30 Sexy – Rain

Source: http://www.soompi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/rain-30-sexy-teaser-vid.png

Rain, back from military service, has finally returned to the stage. It has been a very long while since we all have seen the singer on stage and finally fan girls have been able to see the singer perform. His last comeback was in 2010, with  Love Song, which won many fans over. It seems that with Rain’s comeback, he is quite popular. You probably be in denial if you said he was not popular, because the truth is that is has to be one of the popular male idols out there at the moment.  This time around he came back with two songs: La Song and 30Sexy. The second song will be reviewed first and also, tomorrow, the review for La Song will be revealed. So stay tuned for that. It’s the RAIN special. Woo!

And yeah. I should rather wrap up the review now, than be criticised. Oh sigh. I really don’t like this song. I have never been a fan of Rain and probably never be, but this song is absolutely terrible. The only good songs he had were Rainism and Love Song. And those were not total favourites as well. This song really did not sum anything up. You have been away for 2 years and you give us a song that is high-pitched and unappealing. His voice is meant to sound good, but all I hear is a high pitch screech. I actually like the moments where he is singing in a normal voice, but that is only like 30% of the song. This song is not catchy and to be honest, I cannot listen to this song for more than a minute. If you were to choose between 30Sexy, La Song and Love Song to introduce someone to KPOP, Love Song would be the best choice. This song is quite disappointing and probably a song that I would never turn to ever again.

The music video misses something. Sexy. Now, I know that to some people, this video is very hard to resist, but to me and probably a few others, what the fudge cake is going on? The King Of Pop is back and we get a dark music video with hardly anything to talk about. Well, I can point out that the extra big shoes he got (I am speaking in terms of heels. He is the tallest soloist, I believe, yet he is insecure about his height?) and  that extra short jacket is quite an eyesore. I actually prefer him wearing something like in his dance break, something casual. Anyway, the video is quite dark and with those visual effects going on, I spend more times trying to adjust my eyesight to the different colours (note, there is only black and white in this video) than staring and focusing on him. And why give him such a dull colour and put the dances in colour? Why are they getting the spotlight when this comeback is about Rain, not really about his backup dancer’s though.

I think it would be hard to top Love Song with the body rolls and ripping of shirts and abs. And I guess this dance just proves that. Nothing in this dance is memorable, and it does not reflect the song as I would have expected it. I think his dance break in song was pretty cool, but beside that… Sorry.

Sorry, but this does not cut out for me. Though this is not my cup of tea, I am sure everyone else enjoys it. 1/10. Definitely a song that I would not go back to.

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