Something – Girl’s Day


Girl’s Day is back with a new song. After successful promotions for Expectations and their success song Female President, the girls once again have up the ante to become of the biggest groups of Korea. The girls released Something at the start of 2014, and have earned their first award just on Wednesday for their song. After receiving much love from fans boosting them to the top of the charts, it seems like this group is one to beat. But the competition in just January alone is quite fierce. Must I remind that TVXQ, Ailee, Rain, Dal Shabet and many other bands will be making their comeback and it seems that all of the groups will be having a run for their money.

When I first heard this song, I thought it was a total let down. Female President had this really catchy tune, while Expectation had guys screaming for more. This one seemed like a sexy video posted up in the 1960’s and everyone criticising it. It was not until I listened to it over and over again to understand that this song is a freaking awesome song. Though I have to be honest, I did get a little confused with another song by the same title quite a few times when I am listening to it online. However, I have been listening to this song on repeat and literally have fallen in love for it. May be a little bias (okay, a lot of bias here) but I freaking love every aspect of this song. The vocals were really good and they matched the expected standard of huskiness for a “sexy” song. The instrumental did make me go back in time, and that reminded me of a lot of videos and culture back then. I would’ve expected a rap, but it seems they did not fit it in. Instead they got a really good part at the end, where it seems like they are whispering (prayers, from the look of the dance) and that is totally awesome.

The music video is quite something. People are always criticising the sexy comeback. Saying that they are overusing the word. But it the same people who criticise this exact band for their debut song, which happens to be the other end of the spectrum, saying that they are tryhards. I am quite disappointed with the audience of the video. Not all, but the minority. Which leads to the next point. I don’t find this video “sexy”. Sexy was not the right word to use. I don’t see how sitting in a bathtub, ripping up an audio tape or picking up a phone, “sexy”. There are only two things that I found were quite suggestive. The dance at the start and Minah’s slowly scene where there is a camera on the bed. Ummm…. Yeah, but in today standards, this is just the starting point. No where near the climax yet. I like the setting of the dance scenes. Not sure about the alley ways though, they look okay, but rather awkward in this song.

The dance. The start. The freaking start had me screaming into the computer. I am sorry, but girls if you’re going to rub your body over the floor like that, how on earth do you expect your fanboys to live? And that is where the dance kind of goes weird. Most of the dance I thought: “Hey Cool”. But the bouncing dance in the chorus, what is going on? It feels awkward and weird. Does not show off the elegance that we were promised. It does not fit well with the song, but beside that everything else was okay.

Congrats girl on your first place win on Wednesday. 9/10. Was planning on giving them a 10/10, but I seemed to have rambled on about the music video and dance and pointing out the flaws a little too much. So a perfect 10/10 would not have suited the review.

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