B.B.B (Big Baby Baby) – Dal Shabet

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Dal Shabet recently made their comeback after nearly a year’s absence from the KPOP scene. After success of their last concept, which involved legs and sexy, the girls have gone for an even more sexy comeback this time around. Joining the hype this January with the mad rush of comebacks just at the beginning of the year, the band has made many fans extremely happy with their comeback. I just wish to say if today’s review is a little wonky and badly written. I am currently sweating in 43 degree heat and it is going to get worse during the next few days. Sorry. But still, will try my best to get reviews done. Be right back, my arm is so sweaty, it stuck to the table. Ewww…..

Anyway, when I first heard of this comeback, I would never have expected a retro themed song, which these girls are known for. Honestly, I am quite torn about the clash of concepts. The disco feel of the song really does not fulfil the idea of “sexy”. I don’t know. The song itself is okay. It is catchy to an extent, but I don’t always want to listen to it. It seems like an occasional song to listen to. The instrumental is pretty good to listen to and I am happy with the outcome of it. But the vocals I am quite disappointed in. I am a total fan of the rest of the songs on their mini album, but this song was pretty weak. The song does not have a catchy chorus to make us remember it easily, which is quite disappointing. A catchy chorus would have improved the song so much and sky rocketed the band into even more fame. The only part which I liked in this whole song was the “No, No, No, No” part. Not a major fan of the “Big Babe Baby” part as well. So yeah, my thoughts on the song.

The music video is really boring. A video of girls dancing and being “sexy”. Yeah, you can comment on me being hypocritical and stuff, as Girl’s Day music video was like that. But at least there was something to talk about in that video. As for this video, I don’t think I am ramble on the topic of uses of useless sets (ie. orange staircase twirling thing). Well, I could, but I would just rather advise you guys to go onto the next paragraph.

As for the dance, it is pretty good. I have to say, every time there is a new sexy concept they always find something different to do. Boob rubbing, ass waving, “pulling the pants up”, legs dragging, lip rubbing, butt hitting, hair swinging have all been done. So what is next? A combination of those?

4/10. It could have been loads better. Way better. Maybe next time. And sorry for the extremely boring review today. I am still sweating in this horrible heat and it will continue until next week. 40 degrees all week-long.

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