[Album Review] Overload (2nd Mini Album) – Xdinary Heroes

Another mini-album I reviewed over the weekend was Xdinary Heroes’ second mini-album, Overload. This one features the title track Hair Cut and five other side tracks, with each track exploring the rock genre in a unique and different manner from what other Korean bands have been putting out. With their discography thus far, it is definitely looks and sounds like Xdinary Heroes is carving a niche for themselves. Released in November 2022, this is the second album review I have written for the band, the first being Hello, World (which was released in July 2022 and features the title track Test Me). And as of this week, Xdinary Heroes released their third mini-album Deadlock and the title track Freakin’ Bad. But before I review the new single, here is my take on Overload.

Overload Album Cover

1. Zzz.. (잠꼬대)Zzz.. starts off the mini-album, with a track that goes in multiple directions (more so than the title track). But the multiple directions all give Zzz.. an intriguingness to it. There is a mix of pop rock, electronic synths and groovy undertones to this track that somehow gets glued together to create an interesting track. Xdinary Heroes delivers some pleasant and others colourful and playful vocals, which I find to be super cool and characteristic. We do finish with the same laugh that is present in the title track, bridging the first and main track on the album together. (8.5/10)

2. Hair Cut (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Hair Cut. (6/10)

3. LUNATIC – Playful eerie vibes begin the track, before LUNATIC goes down the powerful rock route. There is head nodding potential behind this track. What I appreciate with LUNATIC is that it doesn’t go in different directions, keeping a consistency that feels refreshing following the first two songs on the mini-album. I also appreciate the charisma that the members bring to the song via their vocals, which makes LUNATIC a great listen. (8/10)

4. Crack In The Mirror – The drumming in Crack in the Mirror was amazing and definitely was my favourite element of the song. For me, it took the song places that the other instrumentation just couldn’t. Aside from that, more head nodding potential and some great vocals moments round out this song. (8/10)

5. Ghost – I found the vocals in Ghost to be really interesting. The way they dragged out the ending of each line in the chorus was quite unique and gives Ghost so much creepy character. There was also some decent rapping in this song, which I enjoyed. The instrumentals were good, but were toned down to give off a more creepy vibe, complimenting the vocal style chosen. (7/10)

6. X-MASX-MAS is not Christmas carol or jingle. With Xdinary Heroes at the helm, powerful rock takes over pretty quickly. The pre-choruses and bridge was a bit dreamy, and I think the band plays into the idea of a music box at the end of the choruses. But apart from that, Xdinary Heroes completely smash out the song in a non-festive way. Parts of the song felt more so like a hype song, while the guitar work stands out. Catchy melodies and hooks make the song memorable, though I wished they were a bit more colouful with their delivery, as they have been in their other songs. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.6/10


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