Some – Soyu (Sistar) & JungGiGo


Soyu is back with a brand new collaboration on stage with another singer in her on label’s sub label. Yes, I hope this will be a thing that Soyu will continue doing on stage from now on. She is basically now called the “Charts Queen” or something because both of her songs which she had duet in last year (Stupid In Love) and now this song which literally took over Korea. Like wow. But we must not forget that this is Soyu and JungGiGo. Did a little research and turns out this guy debuted back in 2002 I think and has a lot of fans. But now that he signed with a major label, he gets to showcase his singing skills. Both two are match made in Heaven (I think I said the same thing for Mad Clown as well).

This song is freaking amazing. Last time it was vocals and raps. Now it is just vocals and the smoothness of the both Soyu and JungGiGo’s voice in this song is amazing. The RnB sound in this song suits him so well and Soyu accompanies the song quite well as well. I entirely in love with the chorus. To me it sounds like one syllable getting pushed from one side to another at the very start of the chorus. The instrumental is sweet as and sounds romantic. Like appropriate for yesterday! The rapping was okay for the song, but the rapper did not suit the song. Maybe Mad Clown should step in, but his voice sounds a little too serious. And for your information, the rapper is LilBoy from Geeks. Honestly, I love this song at the moment and have been replaying it each time my headphones are in. I guess it won’t be as catchy as other songs, but I found myself listening to the song again and again for quite some time.

The music video shows two people, which we will name them as Baro and Dasom (for no apparent reason). Baro is a pilot who is never home, whereas Dasom is always on home. Now, they have a crush on each other and I guess they know each other as well. Once Baro comes back, it seems he is waiting for his friend’s calls or text messages and at the same time Dasom expects her friend’s text message as well. Until the guy (yay!) decides to text first and I think they arrange an outing with each other. And while the girl is preparing for their date, the guy falls asleep on the bus and makes a fool out of himself, causing him to be embarrassed. Or more like frustrated. I don’t know what happened next, but both become quite upset. Then Dasom takes it out on her bear, which turns into a live white teddy bear, which usually I think I would hug, but she just decides to WWE the bear and hurt it. Poor bear. But then the couple remember that they should be somewhere and go looking for each other. Baro runs into the bear who wants revenge on who ever caused his pain and decides to attack Baro. Yeah, that failed. And then the pair meet up. And the end. Pretty funny video if you ask me. Baro being a pilot and an oversize living teddy bear is pretty interesting. But it is a great music video.

10/10. Such a romantic duet with a funny video. What more can you ask for? Still waiting for Mad Clown’s second song, JungGiGo’s second song and Soyu’s next collaboration!

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