Truth Or Dare – Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)


Gain officially made her comeback, joining the long line of sexy comebacks of the year so far. She made her comeback with Truth Or Dare, her third mini album, with the title track “Truth or Dare”. She also pre-released FxxK U which was a hit but did raise a few eyebrows. That song was BANNED from broadcast on every single station that you can possibly think of in Korea. And considering the amount of foul language in that song, I was not surprised. What I am surprises with though is the amount of foul language in this song and the intense video that accompanies it. I kid, I was being sarcastic! ( A little story: When I linked that picture(above)  into the post, the first thing my eyes see is her crotch. I felt so weird. The picture is way too big and it happened to go straight to her crotch.)

Okay, I am not going to beat around the bush, but when comparing this song with FxxK U, I just think this song is not appropriate as a Gain style comeback. The song is so boring. I am impressed, but it lacked the sexiness in the voice which I wanted to hear. The vocals are so high pitch it just gave me shivers and I just think that this song is not that great. It was a good song, but it was not my personal favourite. There really is nothing to talk about. Well, the instrumental was interesting. It had this back in the day disco vibe with it, but I don’t find it as appealing as I had expected it to be. The song talked about and I am not sure but about the rumours she had in the industry. Many say she is basically the “wild child”, but in this song she is asking us if we actually really know her that well and to that extent. I thought the idea was great and I liked the lyrics of the song. I also liked how she joined that one line from L.O.V.E (Stop being like that and start talking). I also enjoyed the instrumental for the dance break. This song did lack a lot in feeling and could have been a whole heap better.

The music video is a like a mockumentary or documentary type of video which interviews the people Gain works with a lot to see what she is really like. A girl who cares for her figure, who is always wanting to woo guys and also a girl who loved to be touched sexy. Honestly, I found the video boring. Show Lo did also cameo, but he probably had the crappiest part of the video. But anyway, I like the performance version. It focuses a lot on Gain’s figure and I guess that kind of makes up for the lack of sexiness in her voice. Maybe, not really. I did like the colouring of the video and I guess she went for a more femme fatale look and style this time. Like all her videos, she looks amazing but yeah, the overall style was not that great nor it was something that I would have expected. Bloom and Irreversible were really up there is power, this in turn took it all down.

The dance is probably the best part. Though it had nothing major, it suited the song and its bounciness. On top of that, it worked out really well. I liked the dance break and how she would part away from the guys and then rejoin them. As I said above, she definitely had a femme fatale concept going on which looked amazing.

5/10. Definitely not the best song out there. Her other songs are way better. What was your favourite song? FxxK U or Truth or Dare? Put your vote down in the poll below!!! Check back next week when I announce the results! (Will update the playlist for this reviews and the other reviews when I get some time!)

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