Boy In Luv – BTS (Bangtan Boys)


I love my spare periods. They give me so much time. Was quite close to postpone this review once again until Friday, but then I thought, why not do a review to relax. So here is my relaxing review. Hahaha!! It is finally my first BTS (Bangtan Boys) review. Never got their acronym for their name though, because Bangtan Boys does not equal BTS. But as I said, this is my first review of the group and I am really pumped. This group is a hip hop male dance group with the members V, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, Rap Monster. Jimin and Jungkook. Interesting fact: Jungkook is a year younger than me. I feel old. This group has been proven to be very popular, securing themselves as the best rookies of the year for many award ceremonies for the 2013 year. It is also noted that this group has been active way before their actual review and that the current line-up of the group was not the original line-up. Only one person remains from the original line-up.

This song is amazingly great. There is nothing wrong with the song. This is the first Korean rock, dance, hip hop song that I ever heard. I was not much of a fan for their previous songs, but this song is really cool. This song is literally what I would deem as hardcore. Their rapping in this song is really cool and their vocals are very powerful, for a song supposedly about love. Their chorus is very catchy and I find it really easy to remember. That start too is really catchy. Actually, it is a really great way to open the song for me. The rock feel of the song gives it some more power. Without the rock feel, I guess the song would suck. The “andal nasseo na andal nasseo” part of the song (sorry I cannot tell who is singing when) is really catchy as well. I also liked whow they somehow incorporated that ballad or rnb sound into the song without ruining the song. I said it before, I like the song and it is seriously catchy.

As for the music video, I really don’t know what to say. I was pretty okay for most of it, but the plot for the video kind of sucked? All the guys hitting on one girl. Okay, well, one guy was attracted to her and he recruited the rest of the band to help him get her. Yeah, I would ask for one friend if I needed it, but asking like 6 other guys is really troublesome. And the way he gets his friend’s attention is to play music video over the announcement speakers of the school. You know, because calling or texting the others is too mainstream for you. And the urinal scene. Every guy knows the rule to not stand next to another who is taking a leak. And that other dude looks and smiles at him. I don’t think sexy meant that. And I get that you would want to sit on a fence, but not those ones that are like 2 to 3 metres off the ground. Oh wait, I will let that slide. Sitting on a basketball ring? That I don’t understand. Oh and also, girl really needs to check out her school. Everyone is in class, but her. And it seems like she is really lost as well.

The dance fits the power of the song. It is great, but not as great as I expected from the dance group. I don’t see how moving you body in a circle is great, and they repeat the same dance move around and around. You know what performance form this band I liked: that intro song or dance clip (teaser trailer) from their N.O days. I will put it into the playlist for you to make the judgement.

7/10. Overall pretty good. The song is really good and the music video is okay. The dance is also mildly okay. But still great work from the boys. And I wanted them to win Inkigayo on Sunday because they are pretty good and deserve an award, but they did not win. Pity, I had my support behind them.

5 thoughts on “Boy In Luv – BTS (Bangtan Boys)

  1. I feel like your review has been done without you knowing a whole lot about BTS…Although you did know bits and pieces which was good.

    BTS stands for BangTan Sonyeondan (Their Korean name) which was then translated to BulleTproof BoyScouts and BangTan BoyS. (The capital letters are where the B, T and S were then justified from).

    The MV was supposed to have an entirely different meaning to it, that I don’t think you comepletely got. It’s supposed to reflect the way society works now; girls being forced to comply with guys, many times due to violence. The guys were all hitting on the same girl, yes, but that’s not because of the song – it’s probably because of the budget. This is very common. The music video was depicting how groups can also make a girl comply, because peer/group pressure can really make people do things they don’t necessarily want to.

    I don’t know why you didn’t like the dance…I think you should go watch the dance practice video or something, because the music video didn’t have the complete kickass dance.

    I’ll be quite honest, I feel like your review didn’t really make sense. I mean it did, but it didn’t go into the deeper meaning of the song.
    It was good though. Thanks for being honest with your review 🙂

    ALSO, I’m not trying to bash your review or anything, I’m just stating my personal opinion, just as you stated yours. Thanks.


    1. Thank you for clearing those things up. Yes, with the amount of bands that come out recently, it is definitely hard to keep up with the new bands and the old ones as well. Also thank you for the feedback. I am currently trying to find ways of expressing myself better (:D), just haven’t got around to doing it yet. I will keep your feedback in mind for next time. 😀 Thanks again.


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