Beep Beep – BTOB

BTOB is finally back with a brand new song. The last time they were on stage, they were promoting Thriller. But after a year of successful promotions, it seems like the band is going back into time, back to their WOW days. I find this song distinctively familiar to WOW for many reasons and it seems like their concept change has actually paid off. I smell awards for this band and they have never ranked as high as this before. The funny thing is, I actually wrote this review before. But my phone was being weird and it did not save, so here I am retyping out my review. Forever sad.

I really like the hip hop phase this group is going through. Well, it is more of a pop song in my point of view. But it definitely reminds me of  WOW, which has to be their best song in my point of view. This song also is rivalling that top position. The vocals in this song is really cool. And so is the rapping. The chorus is somewhat catchy, but as we get to the “Beep Beep Bang Bang” part, then that stays in my mind forever. Peniel actually gets solid Korean lines that he finally deserves. Sungjae and Eunkwang confuses me sometimes. Who is the main vocalist of this band? There is a bit that I don’t actually like that much. Compared to BTS with their latest song, Boy In Luv, BTOB does not do a good job of combining their pop song with that ballad bridge. BTS does it really well, but BTOB makes it quite lacking and out-of-place. Sungjae’s high pitch note was okay, but wow, was that even necessary in this song? Overall, with the odd complaint, the song is really good. Check it out!

As for the music video, wow, how long have we seen such a great setting? For freaking sake, they are driving in the middle of the road. OMG, G.Na and now this? Seriously Cube, teach your artists to properly drive a car. I know it is meant to look artistic, but how about Sungjae’s close-up and then panning to the road and houses? What does that do? There really is no plot to the video. And why should there be? Well, beside road rage and the parking fine. It is nice to see a video without much of a plot. I actually found some parts pretty funny. Such as the guys at the back trying to get the car in front to move. Not entirely the use of girls in the video. I guess they tried to get the male demographic then? Those small cars look really cute, but the guys make themselves look like really weird weirdos.

As for the dance, wow! I really like the dance. It is so easy (well, only for a single part), but really addictive. And I think you know which part we are all thinking about. “Beep Beep, Bang Bang” everyone!

8.5/10. Really well done. Loving the song, music video and dance. Perfecto!

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