Delicious – Toheart (Woohyun & Key)


As we all know, SM Entertainment recently took Woolim Entertainment under its wing to make themselves bigger. Hence a collaboration between the two companies was formed. Still don’t understand why they both had to join. But oh well. SHINee’s Key and Infinite’s Woohyun have come together as friends to form band mates in this special project group, named as Toheart. Still also don’t get the name. But joining two of the big groups in KPOP seems to be a good idea. Look at that profit flowing in. Hehehehehe… Well, at least they are not forced upon each other. They are best of friends who enjoy the company of each other (apparently they have never argued with each other before).

This song is okay. It is not a bad song nor is it a good song. It is just an okay song. There is nothing that special about it and honestly, it is once of those songs you listen to again and again, but will never get into it. First time I heard I was like “Chart topper right here”, but a few more times and I thought “this is really boring”. Yeah I said it. The song is really cheesy and the vocals were really meh in this song. I thought it was would be a really good collaboration, but it seems not to be. Iw as really excited when I heard the teasers, but this is a super let down. “Love is nutritious, love is delicious”. Hell, we are in no cooking class. Yeah, I also find this song really Key bias. It neglects Woohyun a lot. Well, I hear mostly Key and then a few Woohyun random spots, which to me is really disappointing, because last time I checked, Key was not “vocal” member of the group. But before I turn this into a criticising member session, I shall stop myself.

The music video was equally as boring. There is literally nothing captivating in this video. Usually, SM and Woolim have a music video that I would rave on and enjoy or disapprove, but I really cannot say anything about it, The boring-ness just made me speechless. I have watched the video. Well to precise, I forced myself to sit in front of a computer and watch the 6 minute video. Like who on earth, besides CCM, makes music videos longer than 5 minutes? I already have trouble sitting in a front of a computer for around 12 minutes. So why go for 6 minutes? And since it is a boring video the time I am viewing it is gonna decrease. Usually the sets would be cool, but seriously, a white back drop with fancy writing on it really does not cut out for it. Though, I did like that outdoor American style cafe dinner place, which looked awfully cool and also the parts where they are spinning those fire things. But beside all of that, no. Music video sucked.

The dance is okay. Not the best as well. But hey, together they looked pretty good. The use of the flowers and the proposing style seemed really cheesy to watch though. But anyway…

Yeah, well there is my ramble on how boring this comeback/debut is. Out of all seriousness, Tell Me Why was a much better song. 1/10.

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