Whatcha Doin’ Today? – 4Minute

Source: http://www.kofan.com/fr/files/2014/03/4minute-Watcha-Doin-Today-MV-teaser.png

4Minute is back with a brand new song, this time asking a different question. Last year, 4Minute made their comeback with “What’s Your Name?” and then followed up with “Is It Popping?“. This year they are asking “Whatcha Doing Today?”.  A little obsessive of the girls, but hey, who wouldn’t mind these girls. This song is already a chart topper ranking first on MCountdown and Inkigayo over the pass week and probably can do a little more. What other questions will the girls be asking next (maybe “Why are you going around with that girl because I am your girlfriend and she has no right to touch you and you have no right to go out with her as you must be loyal to your girlfriend?” I think I just upset some grammar nazis out there and as well, I don’t think that is a question. But plot twist: you guys don’t even know each other. On with the review 😀

This song has that disco beat to it, which I enjoyed. It is catchy and I think I approve of everything. Expect for that rap sequence from Hyuna and JiYoon. I feel that the rap could have been better OR left out for the good of humanity. The chorus is really catchy and the instrumental beat enhances the song. Jihyun needs to improve a lot. They slow the song down for her, which I don’t have a problem with because I know that she does not sound as good as the others, but her live performance sound like she is breathing each sound of each word out as if it hurted her. It also seems that Hyuna has been given less parts. Which was great, because I really don’t like her voice when she vocally sings. She is a nice rapper. But all over that, I enjoyed the song.

The music video was really flashy. Yeah, it was a distraction, but as much as Jiyoon sitting on the toilet with her pants down. How freaking amazing is that scene. No, I am not that type of person. but seriously, that scene probably has to be the most interesting scene out of all. The two guys kissing, I guess says that the girls are suspicious of them cheating with another person. Just the girls probably be really gullible if that is the case. I really love the toilet scenes, where everyone is just lying around or sitting in the toilet and moving their body to the music. It is like the Harlem Shake, but KPOP style. Hahahaha…. Not sure about the girls though with the pink wigs. It feels to awkward and out of place in the video. But beside all of that, cool music video.

Hyuna’s start really needs to go. I cannot believe they added that to the dance. Unsurprising disappointed. the dance overall was really catchy. I enjoyed it, minus Hyuna’s start. Like everytime I hear this song, I break into dance. Weird?

Overall, a pretty amazing comeback. 8/10.

2 thoughts on “Whatcha Doin’ Today? – 4Minute

  1. Big fan of this video. I love that they drink coffee every time the song says “Americano” 🙂 Nice review, I actually always look forward to Hyuna’s rap and I like her voice, maybe that’s just me though 😀


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