Overdose – EXO K

EXO is back with a return to their Chinese and Korean subunits. A note to fans that this review is not as great as their other ones. In fact, I am going to state it here. I don’t like it all. And while they have been promoting this sing, it seems that the members have been plagued by such bad news of a member filing for termination of his contract. Basically if you are an EXO fan and you have not heard about this, you have been basically living under a rock. I just have one thing to say about the whole issue. Everyone from day 1 turned their backs on each other. No need for an explanation. Well, that is how the media portrays everyone as. But anyhow, good luck to EXO for now and the future.

This song is not a great song. Let me get that off my chest. I don’t hate it as much as their other songs, I just find it lacking a lot, compared to Growl, their song from last year. It just did not have that feel. It was not catchy for me. It was actually pretty boring. The song itself felt way too foreign and awkward for me to listen to. The claps or clicks were okay and the English lines was okay. But like “Someone call the doctor” was really cheesy. Not only that but lines that were way too cliche were used in this song. The vocals were not strong and were overshadowed by the electro instrumental. The drums beats were pretty good but failed to wrap the song up. The bridge felt too out of placed. It got high and then slowed down. The rapping though was pretty good. The raspy and deep voice fitted the song. But overall, the song was not my suiting.

The music video was pretty bad. Guess they decide to use the box sets with EXO now that they are successful. Disappointed. Usually I won’t have a complaint, but it was so god damn distracting for me. The lighting was awkward and really did not show the members that well. Though I did like the set where the 11 or 12 guys danced in. My major complaint would have to be the fashion on the band. Like, clothes from the 90’s is not in trend at the moment (and I don’t think they ever will be). Why are their clothing on stage so much better than in the music video beats me, but the clothing was just so painful to look at. One last thing, and I think majority of people agree with me here, but: please get rid of the bucket hats. You do humanity a great favour by destroying the existence of those hats. Not only were they distracting, but awful, once again, to look at.

The dance was really something to look at. It gave that loud wow found factor with the hexagon shape the members formed with their body. It looks awesome and really cool. The addictive, “knocking on the cheek” dance move is pretty catchy. Those two are basically the two moves I remember the most from the dance. I don’t think EXO has ever left me unimpressed by their dance.

Overall, if you could not tell from the review, I liked the dance much more than the song or music video. It was such a pity, because I was looking at what they could do after such a great song. Expected so much so it can be like this. 2/10.

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