Good Night Kiss – Jung Hyosung (Secret)

As many of you guys know, I am a vivid fan of the girl group Secret. We all know that one group is also a solo artists, while still working with the band, and now another one has decided to go solo. Hyosung, the leader of the band, has finally gone solo with a really cool rocking song. You should how I have been dying to review this song. Now it has been out for  3-4 weeks now, further indicating how behind I am with my reviews, but hey guys, I am on a roll. And June was meant to be the World Cup and not that many bands are meant to be making their comeback. *Cough Cough* Beast, Boyfriend, Z:EA, UKISS, B.A.P, Davichi, Taeyang, AOA, Psy, Infnite, VIXX, Jiyeon, the list just goes on. (Unimpressed face).

But do you hate did impress my face, this song. Awesome link!!! Nah, but seriously. At first when I heard this song, I thought it was really awkward and not that catchy, but this song has grown a lot onto me. Like a lot. From a cringing face to a guy who now officially smiles when he hears this song. The song is described to be a “hip hop trend trap crossover”. I think someone used Google Translate for that. But this song does have the very subtle hip hop feel to it and it also has this really cool dance number sound to it. The vocals are really good, in fact, this song brings out the good qualities of her voice. As I said before, I did cringe when I first heard the song. I really did not like that part right after the chorus with the really high pitch vocals. It sounded weird and off putting. Now, I dig that part. I don’t know what is wrong with me. The chorus is really catchy and the “Baby Kiss Oh My, Baby Kiss Oh My” was also really catchy. Overall an amazing song.

The music video is so so. Not that memorable and not that outstanding, but it does have its good point. So we see a girl trying to seduce a guy. And I guess she succeeded in her mission. That is all. That was basically the plot. Okay, so lets get analysing. The scene where she rips the rose off the wall and also that heart beating on the painting scene reminded me of Song Ji Eun’s (fellow member of Secret) Hope Torture. The lighting and the background looks really similar and  the darkness of both really showed something that is underlying and obviously troubling them. Okay, it was also said that Hyosung had 12 different outfits for the music video, transforming from cute to sexy within seconds, and I think that actually fitted the video. The sets for the video overall were not that great and reminded me of a large medieval party, which I don’t think it the right place to have a party overall.

The dance is pretty upbeat and it matches the song really well. It is slow and matches the clicks when they occur. Just come to the stage, there are a lot of people on the stage, making it hard to see things. But I love the dance, though sometimes it does seem a little too face (such as the dance for the last chorus seems like one that would suck the energy out of you).

8/10. Amazing solo debut. Can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us. Maybe a Secret comeback? After B.A.P and the new girl group? Maybe? Yes? No? Please?

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