Want U – JungGiGo

After countless number of awards for his official debut single into the KPOP scene, JungGiGo is back with a brand new song as a solo artist. This time, he does not rely on any other featuring artists (with the exception of the rapper, who only takes up 15% of the song). He released his “first” single back in February titled as “Some” earning him an all kill and also 11 first place awards with this new song. Now that he is back, classy and simple as ever to make sure he secures his position as a rising soloist in Korea. And that he did. This song is not quite as successful as his earlier song, but still managed to rank quite high in the charts, being nominated first place a number of times and also ranking from memory in the top three (not sure if he ever made it to the top position on the charts) and basically rivalled the big names that recently made their comeback. So basically in summary, I think it is same to say that JungGiGo has secure his position in the ever-expanding industry.

This song has its RnB roots, in which JungGiGo has been known for and what he has been doing for the past decade (yes, he was originally a singer, but with lesser known songs). Secondly, this song has Justin Timberlake era attached to it. Like seriously, as soon as I heard this song, Justin Timberlake popped into my mind. This song further showcases his unique vocals and I think he did a pretty damn good job with the song. As I said before, this song is quite simple. There is literally nothing loud about this song and it still seems amazing. The chorus “Only one for me” is so addictive. Like I continued to listen to the song. for the beat of the chorus since it sounded so good. The one thing, though I don’t think is much of a complaint, but like “Tiggy Tock” sounds awkward, but at the same time fits the song’s classy feel as well. The rapping was perfect and I am not going to say anything else because I know how professional Beenzino sounds and is. Overall a pretty strong and good song.

The music video is really simple. Like, to the point where I can outline the video and then just finish off the review. LOL. Basically it was shot in a black room, with that type of one shot camera style (cringes). Nothing that amazing to be honest and I don’t think purple was a good choice in colour lights. Maybe it is and I am just overlooking it, but to me, it really did not suit the video. And he looks pretty cool with the glasses and microphone. Basically this looks really low-budget, but shot as if it was a music video with a very high budget. Pretty good.

7/10. Pretty good song that I think will be from an artist that is well-loved by the public.

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