Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang (Big Bang)

Taeyang has finally made his return with a new mini album after years and years of waiting. He, last year, released a single in November, Ringa Linga which was proven to be very popular. This time around, he had decided to tone his comeback down a bit with RnB songs, not his usual dance-heavy songs that we all associate Taeyang with. He achieved an all-kill when he released his album and managed to rank 1st for like 3 days, which from memory is a record for an artist. On top of that, he has also ranked first on many international charts such as iTunes RnB charts. Proven to be quite a successful artist and proves that he still has it, even though his official release was 4 years ago. And he has also won awards for this song as well, doing very well for 2 weeks and we are still counting.

This song, however, was not for me. I understand that Taeyang had other ideas, but I have always associated him being a dancer and even though his last few songs have mainly been RnB songs, this one was to be the worst crappiest out of all. Just listening to this song a few times, I just could not play this song anymore. I just found it boring and odd to listen to. His voice, not sure if it was the desired effect, was very shaky at many moments. His vocals were monotone to me, though he did have some moments. There was nothing in this song that “catches” my attention. I was very disappointed when I first heard this song. I am sure you guys already got that feeling from my previous lines. I just have nothing else to say about this song. Just – shakes head-

The music video, I thought would be good. Boy, was I wrong? Instead, we get a video of a camera zooming out on Taeyang (who is once again shirtless) singing, with a burning picture of a girl in the background. Oh wait, did I just spoil the whole video for you? I apologise for that. Well, I can’t really say anything about this video as well. Because there is nothing in it. Disappointment. Even a few of my friends thought the video was quite boring to watch. And didn’t he used to have defined abs back in the day? Cause his body looks weird for me. Though I am not judging, I cannot get my body anyway near his. Just a very disappointing video.

No dance, so I am going to skip over that part.

Oh look, the end. I will be reviewing Taeyang’s 1AM tomorrow, which has a lot more going on. This is probably the shortest review I have done in a long time. 1/10

9 thoughts on “Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang (Big Bang)

  1. wow, i’m very surprised by your review. in my opinion, eyes nose lips is one of the best kpop songs ever!


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