1AM – Taeyang (Big Bang)

Yesterday, I reviewed Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. Today it is 1AM’s turn to be reviewed. This song was first performed at the SBS Gayo Daejun which occurred at the end of last year. It was then included with the release of this mini album. It also became another title track for Taeyang’s promotions. And I glad it was. Let’s say, this review won’t be as bad as yesterdays one, because, mainly this one is the song that I liked. And this is where I am gonna end my introduction.

In my personal opinion, I like this song much more than Eyes, Nose, Lips. Like 10 million times better. This song, though, still does not fit my idea of Taeyang, but at least this one feels more cheerful and does not sounds like “monotone” in the way he sings it and the way the song is presented. It is also a much more lively song to listen to and I honestly think this vocals in this song is much more better than his vocals in this primary song. The song is pretty catchy. I like those 1 to 2 seconds moments prior to the chorus, where he slows the song down and then enters back with power for the chorus. Though the bridge can have some work on it, this song is totally more amazing. His live vocals are much better with this song than of Eyes, Nose, Lips. The song talks about how he remembers his love at 1AM. Overall, a much better song and probably my favourite off the mini album.

This music video is a lot darker than expected. I think most of the scenes were filmed at night which contrasted the lively feel of the song. Though there is a lot more lights in this video which gives it that really nice feel to the video. I have to say something though, but I am getting pretty annoyed with Taeyang’s hair. I though G-Dragon’s colour change was a problem, but Taeyang’s fat mohwak is terrible. Anyway, the “sex scene” in this video is actually not too bad. Beside the fact that Taeyang is sill wearing clothes while making out with her (like your on a bed, making out, shouldn’t clothes be coming off?). Actually come to the think of it, this video features Taeyang in clothes for once. Like he is not showing his abs for 99% of the video. It seems like he is shirtless 1% of the time, with 99% of the time being clothed. Just an observation. Honestly, I don’t think this video is that bad. I liked it. And I don’t mind it.

There is a freaking dance. LOL jks. Well, there is a dance, just it is not the Taeyang feel that we are used to. It is just not the same, but at least he is up there dancing.

8/10. Honestly love this more than yesterday’s one. Which prompts me to ask this question. Which Taeyang song did you like the most? Was it Eyes, Nose, Lips,? 1AM? Or was it Ringa Linga? Or maybe another song off the mini album? Answer below.


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