Short Hair – AOA

AOA, after a successful single, has finally returned with a brand new mini album. After Miniskirt, the girls are back shorter hair, in the song “Short Hair”. It also showed off the girls new found popularity after their Miniskirt promotions, ranking in the top 5 of charts for quite some time. The girls have also proved to be a rising girl group with their new song as that too has received a lot of love from fans as their music video is quite high, this performances have been widely supported and many new covers have started to pop up of the people around the world dancing to this song.

I like the song overall. There were some parts where I was quite unsure about. But the start of the song had that Miniskirt feel to it, but it was done in a light hearted way, which I am not sure if I am much of a fan of it. The song was sung really well by all the members, though after listening to it, I can pick out the good vocalists and the bad ones. I still don’t like the rapper’s whiny voice at all. I like the part after the chorus, but that being said, I thought the chorus sounded quite nice. I find the bridge just does not fit in the song, but still managed to glue the song together. To be honest, it is quite a dull song. But overall, I feel like it was a good song, but it was a let down on many parts.

The girls are dressed up as hairdressers, flight attendants, police, cheerleaders, waitresses, business women and mechanic. And I guess they are really bored with their jobs (or just bored in general), so to fix it, they go to a hairdresser to get their hair done. Though it is meant to be a “comical” video, I watched it with a straight face and thought some scenes were kind of boring. And that was when I watched it with English subtitles as well. Not really sure how after they get so angry with that one customer, they remained to dance with the same customer at the end after getting their hair cuts. A few things, but I would never go to a hairdresser where it is the only shop, in the middle of nowhere. Kind of creepy don’t you think. And it sucks how everything was done in a set. I would have expected a few outside scenes, but nope. Stuck inside the box, once again. Needless to say, the video was not as great as expected.

The performance to me was pretty boring. There was nothing as fun with this dance as their Confused dance or Miniskirt (and I found that one boring). Though it seemed they were going for a more of a fun concept this time, it really did not feel like it was that great compared to their previous routines.

6.5/10. An okay comeback this time. It could have been way better but it still managed to do much better than what I think of their last song.

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