A – GOT7

GOT7 is back with a brand new song. They made their debut back in January of this year and after receiving a lot of love, the boys are back with a brand new song. Their debut single, Girls Girls Girls, was not as a great song as I had expected, but they manage to start off quite strong as the newbies in KPOP. Dubbed as the next 2PM, the boys have managed to show off a different style for their fans, and have actually been doing quite well on charts, considering they are seen as a rookie group at this very moment still. However, we can see this group as the next big group in Korea. Maybe not today, but later on.

This song, to me, mirrors 10 out of 10 by 2PM. It has this same style of a fun song that manages to show off the charm of the members. Let’s look at the song. When I first heard the song, I thought the “A~” would become one of the most annoying things on the planet. But instead, I grew to like it a lot. Maybe I don’t find it annoying now, but maybe sometime in the future. I actually find it compliments the song quite well and really does not turn me away from the song. I like the rapping in the this song. Actually, I feel the same way about this song. It feels quite laid back and casual. It is not a very serious song nor is it a song that exaggerates the fun feel of the song. This just sounds like a casual song, where the song is sung in a casual setting, with the summery feel to it. I like the vocals and the rapping in the song. Particularly the rapping, it gives that casual feel to the song. The song, however, was far too short for me. Their lives barely make it over the 3 minute mark, Just a tiny complaint. But overall, an amazing song.

The music video is too quite casual. From where everything is set, to the clothing that they wear, the whole thing feels like a “normal” video to watch. The boys start walking into a diner, and then finds the pretty waitress, which they all decide to hit on. Then everything gets creepy. When she is walking alone on the streets, they follow her. When she goes shopping, they follow her. That is not love. I think that is considered to be stalking by many people. Anyway, the extras in the video really annoyed me. The boys run in and starts randomly jumping around and dancing, and they just continue to eat and eat. If that was ever to happen to me, I would be very annoyed, because they would be interrupting my time with food (forever alone) and also quite confused on what is going on. It was not until the end of the video that the extras started to dance around, and that two looked really awkward. But the video managed to reflect the feel of the song and also the lyrics so it was done quite well.

The dance is quite awesome. It seems to be an easy routine (not the ending though, those moves looks hard), but it also contributes to the simple and casual feel of the whole video which is once again reflected here.

Overall, quite a cool comeback. It is something that KPOP does not really have. That casual feel, that we don’t really see as much in KPOP. 8/10 Much better than their debut song, in my opinion.

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