Mr. Ambigious – Mamamoo

Mamamoo has finally made their official debut with Mr. Ambiguous. Mamamoo has started off on a strong start, as they have gotten their name out previously with their past songs. Back in January, the girls released a number of songs, but did not promote them. However it seems like their tactic is paying off as the girls are receiving a lot of support from fans and viewers. For those who are not aware of the band, the band released three songs (one of which I happened to review) and they include: Don’t Be Happy feat. Bumkey, K.Will and Mamamoo’s collaboration with Peppermint Chocolate featuring Wheesung and Mamamoo’s collaboration with Geeks for Hi Hi Ha He Ho. The group consists of members Solar, Moon Byul,  Whee In and Wha Sa.

The girls have such amazing songs and this one probably have to top it. This is the first song that the girls have sung on their own without featuring of another well known artists such as their pre-releases have. To me, this group sounds like they have been doing it for many many years. When you listen to the song, you won’t really get that rookie feel from the group, but instead a group that has the experience and talent after numerous amounts of the year. The group sounds amazing in terms of vocals. The rapping was really good as well. The song sounded classy and at the same time oozed with this feminine feel that is quite unique in KPOP. The “Let’s get the show started” sounds really amazing and the chorus is really catchy. I think this is the first group, for me to like the rapper more than the vocalists. She stands out a lot and I love it how the song builds up tot he rap. So yeah, awesome song.

The music video is quite interesting. The song talks about this mysterious guy, too which the girls call him Mr. Ambiguous. And finally a KPOP video does it right by adding some guys in it. We see Bumkey, K.Will, Joon Jung Young, Jonghyun for CN Blue and Wheesung, with the random featuring of Baek Ji Young, to which they have a little hidden camera experiment towards the end, upsetting the girls. The music video to me seemed like a mish mashed of random clips put together. I love it how they used the same technique for their music video from Peppermint Chocolate. I gues the video gives an insight into how videos are filemed. Honestly, this does not look low budget, though I read somewhere it was. The one thing I will complain about, but those hats seem to get bigger and bigger each time a KPOP video is released. It is so massive and looks very distracting. But overall, a cool video.

The dance to this contradicts the “classy” feel of the song. I don’t think I ever seen “classy” girls wobble their legs like that. But it seems to fit the song. Their formations are pretty good as well. And I love their use of the moustaches, especially at the end. Amazing dance.

So I am just going to be bias and say 10/10. Though I did complain a really teeny weeny bit in the review, I still think these girls have what it takes to become a good artist in the future. They have been proven to be popular and if they continue, they will be at the top. Will be keeping an eye out for them in the future.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Ambigious – Mamamoo

    1. Agreed. They are really talented and it would be a waste to see them as an underrated group. By it seems like they are getting popular everytime they take the stage.


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