Teenager – Jung Joon Young

Joon Jung Young is a soloist that is very well known in Korea. He is became quite popular after finishing in the top 3 of the South Korean TV Show Superstar K. But he won that show back in 2012. He made his official debut last year with The Sense of an Ending and now he officially made his first comeback with Teenager.  He, when he was younger, aspired to be a rock star and he actually became one. However, he was been ann artists since 2008, releasing various singles and songs and at one point was a part of a band. He had also collaborated with a few artists some of which are quite well known such as Roy Kim with the song Becoming Dust and more recently his collaboration with Younha with Just The Way You Are. That is a little run down on the soloist if you never heard of him.

I am not a big fan of the artist myself. I am not appealed to his songs as much, but this song has to be one of the best songs that I have heard from him. The rock alternative song sounds really good and I think needs more recognition out there. The song starts off quite slow and I don’t think really builds up at all. But when you get to the chorus, it just sounds so amazing. It basically punches you in the face. The use of a rock insturments and then a softer sound like the keyboard really gives it a nice different feel to the rest of the other songs. The chorus isn’t that hardcore but it getting there. His husky voice compliments the song quite well and gives the song that extra hint of emotion. When you read the lyrics, the song encourages everyone to go back and start dreaming again, especially those who have lost hope in the world. I think it is an amazing song and one that you should check out.

The music video shows Jung Joon Young as a typical desk job worker which is deemed as acceptable. He is adult who has to work to be able to live. He is surrounded by people who put pressures on him. His boss and his elders are some examples illustrated in the video. Despite that everyone is looking down on him, he still thinks back to the days when he was a little younger and starts to write a song. Stressful as it already is, his boss comes around and starts telling him off, to which he decides that enough is enough. So he ends up pushing back all the things in his life and return to what he really wanted to be, a rock star. I think it is an amazing video. Everyday we do the same thing and are pressured by others to do that same thing. Yet as soon as we step one foot out of line, we are deemed as a failure and unsuccessful. A message to many people in this video is that you don’t have to have a desk job to be happy. You just need to dream and with many elders nowadays, they look down upon that because it is “not professional” enough for them. I really liked the video and how it told me that. The video was shot in a monotone grey colour, while when he is “young” again, it is shot with a golden glow.

10/10. After all that praising, you think I would dock any points off?

A few review ago, I asked you which Taeyang song was better overall. So many people chose Eyes Nose and Lips, while coming in second was 1AM and then Ringa Linga. Still going to stand by my choice and go for 1AM.


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