One More – FIESTAR

Fiestar has finally made their comeback but with a more adult look. They are back attempting the sexy concept and I guess it is doing wonders for the girls, as they have been getting more spotlight recently, but maybe for the wrong reasons. Their last comeback was actually the totally opposite style to this one. If you forgot, their last comeback was I Don’t Know. Now this one ran into a little trouble recently. Well, to be precise, only a few days ago with some of the lyrics, but I will talk about that later. Also, since their last comeback one member had called it quits. Cheska, the English speaking member left the band I think at the start of April. This song and comeback was meant to be for April, however due to the Sewol Ferry Incident, the management and band had postponed at, obviously, it was very inappropriate.

This song is actually pretty good to be honest. It has a really cool disco-like vibe in it that makes it sound so retro, but at the same time there is a modern sound within it as well. The vocals and rapping sound quite great in the song. The chorus sounded really well done and I thought it was very polished overall. The “La, La, La, Hanna Na Do” part sounded really catchy and got me singing along. It also had  Britney Spear kind of sound in it I believe. Cao Lu only had 1 line. Like I expected with one member gone, more lines would be given, but no. Disappointment. Now, the lyrics. Apparently the lyrics are leaning towards to having a threesome. The lyrics in question when translated to English are:

You and me us two, invite someone who’s done this more than us to our room, now is perfect one, two, three“. – lyrics from One More by Fiestar

That I agree is a little explicit, but out of all the broadcasting stations, KBS has not ban it yet. But it is the first song to deal with something like this and maybe we can start seeing more songs that hint at such suggestive things (I hope not. That is the exact reason why I distanced myself from the American industry). But overall, I liked the song quite a lot and thought it sounded really cool.

The music video as well was pretty cool. Though I have to be honest, it was rather boring to watch. Just let me get one thing off my chest. It is time some people just “Let it Go”. Like seriously. If guys are allowed to take their shirts off or wear sleeveless tops, why are girls consistently criticised for showing some skin. Just because everyone is throwing around the term “sexy concept” does not necessary mean it is going to be something bad. Sadly, people need to make a living and maybe they need the sexy concept, because last year was a great indication, with Secret and Rainbow not being able to reach the same success as they have with Poison or A in the previous years with the cute concept. If they want to do a sexy concept, then let them. Oh and don’t get me started with fans who cause an uproar when a group starts doing the sexy concept and when the same group does the cute concept and then call it stupid. I see you every single time you comment on the videos.

But anyway the music video was boring to watch overall. Unlike some people, I don’t think this whole video is that bad overall. Just them in rooms and then dancing. Though those pants are rather distracting. And the product placement is kind of sucky. I see those Tide detergent boxes. They make no sense at all.

The dance could have been a little more sensual to be honest. But it looked quite good. I was not “sexy” at times but it still lived up to the sexy concept in the end.

Another comeback to which I have been satisfied. Wait… 8/10. Sorry for the little rant, it just took over. Sometime in the future there will be a post for the reasons why I dislike KPOP and this rant is an example of what is on it.


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