Memory of Fragrant Summer Wind – AAA


I would like to take this moment to express my condolences with the recent events that occurred in Ukraine in regards to flight MH17. What happened there was definitely tragic and the whole world will come together to give our support. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by the crash and hope that they will all recover in the way they have been affected.

So today, I decided to review a song with some warmth within it. On top of that, it has been quite a while since I have reviewed a Japanese song and also a song from AAA. Months, I think it has been. AAA is back with a brand new single with the most accurate summery feel that I think everyone needs to hear. To me, this song makes me feel happy inside. Though I don’t understand any Japanese at all, I still have this really nice feeling evolve within me an turn into a smile, and I guess many people really need this now during such times like this.

As mentioned above, this song has a really cool summery feel to it that makes it ideal for a season like this. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere that is. I am too busy freezing down here in Australia, that lonely island at the bottom of the world. Anyway, I really like this song. I think this is the first song ever that the girls actually get the bulk of it and the group has put it up as a promotional single. Usually, the guys would dominate the song leaving the girls with very limited parts, but it seems this time they decided to change it around. I think the change is pretty nice, since when you think of Summer, you associate it with girls more than guys. The vocals in the song are really good. Not sure about the rapping in the song. I get that maybe the rapper can only rap in songs, but it just really does not feel like a song that necessary needs the rapping in it. The chorus is pretty catchy and sounds pretty nice. I have dying to find an instrumental to the song but can’t really. It sounds freaking amazing. To be precise, the whole song sounds freaking amazing.

The music video is a little awkward. Let’s get on with the plot first. It opens with a girl in a kimono in the night scenery that is actually quite beautiful. I love how the lanterns are positioned to give the music video more depth and colour. The girl, at the very start, looks like she is an ex girlfriend or current girlfriend and spots this guy (who in the whole video, we actually don’t get a full look on his face, further indicating that this song is actually based around the girl) and a younger girl. And it looks like jealousy has taken over. Well, it hasn’t. Turns out that the first girl is some kind of guardian angel and looks out for the girl. When the younger girl wants to hold hands with her lover, the angel decides to help and actually scares the younger girl, who turns around and searches for the mysterious person who helped them. However, that poor thing got so petrified that the guy carrying a bucket full f multi colour balls fall over and basically a really beautiful arrangement (or maybe a lot of cgi work) of bouncing colour balls formed. Honestly, this video is quite beautiful shot and fits the feel of the song. HOWEVER. If you watch the solo shots of the members lip-syncing, you will notice that they lip-sing horribly. The rapper and another male member was no where near the right lyrics and it looks like they were singing a totally different song. That or the editor got their parts mixed around with other parts and just managed to stuff up the video. But overall, a beautifully shot video.

I think it is fair enough to give it a 9/10. However I think I might be a little too generous especially with the solo shots in the video, but I totally think the song and the rest of the music video makes up for the painful scenes. I kid, but they definitely make up for the hole in the video.


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