Red Light – F(x)

F(x) is finally back with a brand new album. Last year they had a very unappealing promotion of Rum Pum Pum Pum, which did record some success, but with a majority of people disliking the song (I was not alone). Now they are back with a brand new song that is described as an electro style song with a mashup of another genre. I have to be this song is much better than their last song and their album this time contains pretty cool song. I really love Paper Heart which sounds amazing. This comeback has also caused a little criticisms to which I will discuss below. And It also seems the girls are back with a more edgier concept, one that I think the girls need to stick to.

This song is freaking amazing. Who cares if their entertainment company bought the song? IT IS FREAKING AMAZING. Must remain calm. To me, this is a good mashup of 10 different songs into one. Like seriously, there are like 10 different songs in this song. Sometimes it is fast other times it is slow. Sometimes there is not instrumental, other times there are. I find the song matches my taste and style. Another thing is their vocals in this song sound quite good. It matches the tempo of the song and I find it is a good thing. The lyrics, to me, make somewhat some kind of sense, but at other times it sounds like something that came out of multiple different books. The lyric is what go them banned however. KBS cited the reason that the song contained the word “Caterpillar” which happens to be a brand of machinery in Korea. WOW. great freaking excuse. Next we can start banning songs for containing names of people. The vocals were nice and I think it manages to show off the member’s talent. Overall, an amazing song.

Their music video has been criticised for burning the Bible at the start. Though is a legitimate excuse to cause an outrage, I don’t think we should be jumping to that conclusion.  Aren’t most of Koreans and the band (well some members, if not all) are people who follow the Church? Anyway, the music video is quite dark and for once the band is having their music video outside of a box. Wow. How amazing is that. A non box-y video. Hahaha… I like the start with the telephone, it sounded creepy. I love it when they are filmed dancing and only their silhouettes are shown. And the inclusion of red lights is pretty smart. Though I am not a fan on the colours effects that they add onto the solo shots. Once again, quite distracting. I just feel that something else is needed in this video. Maybe more of a plot or something to make it more memorable.  That or the plot of the video was the girls were modelling and then started to run away from flashing lights. But I think it was an alright video to watch.

The dancing could have been way better than what we have been presented with. Not that I am saying what we have already is bad, because it is pretty okay. But I think the dance should have been ground breaking and had more of an impact towards it, then it would have secured the girls a really high spot in terms of popularity.

Overall, I give it a 8/10. It is a pretty cool comeback at the moment, but with a few things extra, and the “perfect comeback” would have been established

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