Good Bye Bye – NU’EST

NU’EST is finally back with a brand new song. It has been little over a year or little under a year since their last comeback, Sleep Talk. It has been so long since this band has been on stage and now fans have been “satsified” with their recent comeback. Attempting a concept that they had never tried, but to me, it seems like a more serious concept which I think is quite similar to their debut song and so. However, there is more a romantic side to the song, focus more on the emotional side of the song. While I am here, I just wish to apologise for my absence. I think in the next few weeks, I will be wrapping up the reviews for the time being and hopefully make my return in due course, but more of that when I actually make my decision.

This group has a lot of potential. You can just see it in their song. They are quite talented and I think they sound really amazing. To be precise, this song actually highlighted their talents and showcases their skills very well. The vocals in this song were really good, while the rapping was equally as great as the vocals. When I first listened to the song, I instantly like it. They played the soft yet hard sounding piano at the start, which reminds me of the song “Holding On and Letting Go” by Ross Copperman. The song kind of built up to an extent, but managed the enter the upbeat yet serious chorus. Then they moved onto the rap, which suited the song, with the husky voice. The one part of the song that really did not sit well and felt really awkward in the song was the dubstep breakdown. It was okay, just really does not fit the feel of the song. Honestly, if they kept the song fluent and did not add random dubstep breakdowns I would have digged the song more, just now everytime I listen to it, I just have memories of the bridge. But overall, a pretty amazing song that really does the boys well.

The music video is done in an odd manner.I am wriitng this as a person who randomly watches the video and would have no idea what the lyrics mean, okay? Though, I kept looking for the girl (Please don’t kill me, I am talking about Ren). I did some looking and searching up and he actually cut his hair to a “boys” length which allowed him to have a masculine feel for this comeback. He also and some other member also have ads, and it just sounds weird as hell. The whole video was shot in a very dark lighting which really adds to the meaning of the song. There are some things that even after looking at the lyrics I still don’t fully get. Like did the dude just try to the fish, like is he drunk? And the drunk depressed guy throws up a flower and it gets stuck in his mouth? Another guy is laughing like a maniac and driven insane? Then the more dramatic things happen. Such as the guy who goes around ripping off wall paper and punching walls (which I think is starting to pick up in many videos). However, most dramatic award goes to “guy that exits his house onto the streets”. Yep, so freaking dramatic. At least have a guy smash a vase or something. And then they are jumping around. In slo motion in the air. Normally I would say the video is okay, but this time around to a foreigner, it looks like a wild mashup of different videos in to one.

The dance looks pretty good, just overall, it does seem quite boring to watch.

The song was done really well, the music video and dance not so much in my point of view. 6/10

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