Darling – Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day, after a very successful run on promotions for Something, which launched them into having the status of one of the top KPOP bands to date are back with a brand new song. This time they have taken a step back from the sexy concept which they have been promoting for the past year and a bit; and one step forward back into the cutesy girl image that they were originally known for (see Twinkle Twinkle and Hug Me Once). This has to their most successful song to date, which earned them their first All Kill (where they topped all the major charts) and were very close to achieving their first Perfect All Kill. Not only that, but hey managed to top the weekly Gaon chart for this week. Success everywhere.

This song is freaking amazing. I may be biased in a way, but I find this song really awesome. It just brings back the memories of the Summer and the sun, which is basically why this song was written. It is light hearted and none of that serious business. Their voices are unusually high throughout the song, but I think it suits this style as it flaunts their aegyo around for the world to see. The girls sound all vocally superb and each of them have a fair share of lines this time. The chorus sounded pretty cool and was basically the best bit for me. If I were to look back and change anything from this song, I would not even change a single thing. Thank you for whoever decided to omit a rap for this song, I am so thankful. If there was a rap, the song would not sound as great. All the hype for this song made the song pretty good and I think for once the hype has not let me down.

The music video was so so. The girls were being filmed doing “cute” stuff like washing the car with bubble guns and playing darts. Move over fangirling over hot guys or trying to get a guys attention, because using your shower hose as a microphone will make the boys run over to you. Hahahaha… Random stuff. Anyway, the music video could have been a little more better. I just felt, despite it being a fun-filled and very bright, the music video felt quite monotone throughout the whole thing. I guess this what flashing lights and club beats do to you. The one thing, out of many, that I am very impressed with in this video, is how the girls have kept their sexy image with this music video. They look cute, tick, but the way the video was filmed focused on what made them popular, and I think it turned out quite nice.

The dance of this is really cool. Maybe the exaggerated faces should go, but I really love the dance. Especially the chorus, it gives the song that really cutesy feel and also brightens it up quite a bit.

Despite me loving them for their sexy concept, I really think that this comeback was really well done. If they do the right chess moves and manage to go back into the cutesy era successful, or continue their ongoing success with their sexy concept, I think Girl’s Day have a very huge path a head of them. 9.5/10


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