Solo Day – B1A4

Another band who made their 2014 comeback at the start of the year has finally returned with a brand new mini album. B1A4, proven to be one of the biggest boy groups through their last song, Lonely, is finally back with a summer style song, titled as Solo Day. Last time, we saw the boys being very emotional and “lonely” but now it seems like they had each other and decided to go travelling, to cheer themselves up. Though I think Lonely and some of their previous songs are much better than this, I think the boys have done a great job and not only that, but their fans have also decided so themselves, by helping the group win 3 awards for the song so far.

This song is quite good. Though, everytime I listen to the song, I don’t hear “Solo Day” but instead I hear “Summer Day”. Is it just me? Or is there someone else in the world like me? I really like the casual whistling in the song. It gives the song a really nice feel. The whole insturmental was designed to make the song really upbeat and I think the whole song did quite that. It is a song that you would expect to hear on the radio, in a car, basically doing what they did in the video and did a nice road trip. Not a big fan of the rapping in this song. It just sounds like normal rapping to me. I really do like the vocals of the band. They sound really good. Overall the song came together quite nicely. It had that really nice summer feel to it and it reminds me of the Summer season and the heat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, I am struggling in the cold. Basically every day involves me freezing me ass off. Welcome to Melbourne.

Ummm…. Yesterday, I said “random stuff” for Girl’s Day’s review. I take that back. I totally forgot about this video. Hahahaha… No. I seriously did forget about. This by far have to be the most quirkiest video that I have see in KPOP since forever. We see 5 guys, who are friends, of course. They consist of the “Couch Potato”, “Pizza Delivery”, “Flower Vagabond”, “Obsession Guy” and “Space Geek”. And what do you get? Another KPOP band with the members names. Try making a band name out of that. *shivers*

Okay, onto the video. Obviously, they are bored or just not happy about their lives. So they decide to go on a road trip. They also decide to go at the time where aliens are taking over the world. Wow. And how did homeless Gongchan, afford such nice clothes when he was just advertising the “end of the world”? They decide to stop at the local diner before continuing on. Just, if I was to walk in and see a lady with abnormal ears, I think most people would be respectful and leave. Not actually stay around and eat alien cooked food. And, how did CNU, the “obsession guy”managed to eat with those dudes, because OCD should have taken over him. And they are fighting over food. Like have you guys ever seen food before, clearly not. So they head off to the beach and have some fun. Now that beach, it has a sign saying “Beware of Alien. Watch out for UFO come out. They are not friendly”. Nice reminder. This prompts, the boys exit from the beach and the music video ends there. I actually find this video quite funny to watch. Their faces at the end and also the way the UFO was shot using those CGI effects looks really cool. Though some scenes could be a little random, this was pretty much a perfect video to watch.

The dance is also quite upbeat and nice to watch. I really love those final seconds before the first chorus. That was basically what sold the dance to me.

A really nice song and dance. And it comes with the most random-est video since forever. 9/10. Went way over the word limit.

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