Red – Hyuna (4Minute)

Hyuna, the rapper from 4Minute, who has been known for her many solo songs and being a part of the sexy duo Trouble Maker. Songs such as Ice Cream and Bubble Pop have illustrated that Hyuna is able to cope and also be a very successful solo artist ( that is if she ever decides to part ways with her group, which she stated that she liked to be a part of more than being solo).  Her band, itself recently made their comeback with Whatcha Doing Today? and now she is back to prove she got what it takes. She has already earned her first award for her new song Red and probably be able to grab even more.

This song is okay. It is not memorable or is it the best song out there to listen to, but it really feels quite personalised and well polished. For those who don’t know, I am not a fan of Hyuna’s rapping, which I describe as whiny sounding and just not my “cup of tea”. However, despite all of that, I like the catchiness of the song. It is very unique and quite different to other songs. Her voice when she is singing sounds really amazing. The irony is: I don’t think her rapping is that great. Sure she can rap, but it just not that much powerful compared to other rappers who do a really good job. I did like the catchy bits such as her vocal parts and the instrumental of the song is quite good. I think the chorus was pretty good as well. Though I can’t really tell whether she is singing or rapping. One more thing before we move on, but I really don’t like how the song changes from fast pace to a very slow pace in a matter of seconds for the bridge. Surely, she could have eased, but the transition seemed so rush, I was very disappointed. It is an okay song to listen to, just to me, it is not that great.

The music video is going to be quite interesting. Need to be my immature self and say “BOOOOOBS”. For the girls though, you can stare at boobs or abs. You have a choice. Cause I am strangely distracted by that big banana and why Hyuna is sitting on it (no pun intended). The amount of sexual references in this music video is just really extraordinary. being the immature self, I decided to count how many times I thought dirty. Here we go. 21 different times. Wow. Well. I think that shows you a lot about me. Anyway. At least this video did something right and included numerous objects and clothing and styles that involved with the colour red. Another thing, but why is she not getting sued? Like seriously? Not that I want her to get sued, just is very obvious she is making very obvious references in the music video. Gorilla on a disco ball – Miley Cyrus on her Wrecking Ball. Hyuna in bunny ears – quite similar (more like identical) to the Play Boy symbol.

The dance is pretty cool. She flaunts her body (which is why she is so popular. Please don’t say you don’t find her body attractive and that you only listen to her voice only. You lie. I can tell. All people (especially guys) ends up staring at her body). But I think is a good mashup of that tribal concept that she is going for and also a modern twist (with the twerking. I cannot believed I approved of twerking).

6/10. Think I am being too nice here, but hey, she has a good body and she managed to get me hooked. Usually I am not a fan of Hyuna myself, but something about this comeback is pretty good.

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